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July 8, 1968.  Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia

Hi Beautiful!

I made it to DC this weekend and saw both Bob and Gene.  I had to stick around here Saturday morning because of a battalion muster which never came off, but made it to DC about 3:00.  I found Bob’s room but he wasn’t in, so I went looking for him in the nearest bars.  Came back to the hotel about an hour later and was waiting for an elevator when he came up behind me and clobbered me a good one.  He had spent the afternoon in the hotel bar, which I hadn’t noticed.  But I was on the right track.

That afternoon and evening we spent looking around mostly.  We hit a couple bars in the evening but they’re so damn expensive we didn’t waste much time on them.  We got approached by a pimp but told him to flake off — they make me sick!  About midnight we went back to the hotel, figuring we’d get up early Sunday.

Just as we were both getting ready to drop off the phone rang.  It was Gene, so he came up.  He had been in DC all evening, but hadn’t found us before since we were out.  He had been planning on heading back but he figured he’d try once more before he left.  So the three of us shared Bob’s single room.  Sunday we looked around all morning and ended up flopped out in the shadow of the Washington Monument.  We just shot the bull mainly.  Bob had to catch a bus at 2:00 so we went back about 12:00 so he could clean up and eat, and saw him off.  It sure was good to see him, and we had a hell of a good time even if we didn’t really do much.

After seeing Bob off, Gene and I went back along the Washington Monument area and flopped in some trees.  Later we walked up to the Lincoln Memorial.  We just sat at the top of the steps and watched the people come and go.  I get a kick out of people, and I wish I had a camera.  There were some of the cutest little kids playing around there you ever saw.

As we were leaving we saw some tables set up and people around there, so we went over to see what it was.  They were trying to get people to sign gun-control petitions.  I just stood and stared.  Then a guy asked if I wanted to sign.  I just about walked over and punched him in the nose.  Boy was I mad!  But I just gave him a dirty look and walked away.  I was so mad I was shaking though.  That’s something that really bugs me.

Saw Gene off on the bus at 9:00, then picked up the Sunday paper, went to my room, read it, and went to bed.  Got up at 4:00 this morning and the guy I rode to DC with picked me up at 5:00.  Got here at 8:00 and went back to bed.  Then at 10:00 the Army took over again — damn.  Really had a good weekend though.

I just got a letter from you today, and you’ll be glad to know you’ll probably beat me in a tan department.  I haven’t made Virginia Beach for three or four weeks now, and it doesn’t look like I’ll make it again.  I lost a lot of a tan I had, but it still isn’t too bad.  I’m just afraid of what a couple more weeks without sun will do to it.

Rita, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until I get home for your birthday present.  I didn’t have time Saturday to find one, and now I’m broke.  So I’ll give it to you myself when I get home, okay?

I’ve heard our orders are in now, but we haven’t got them ourselves yet.  Should pretty quick.  I’ve also heard they’re all for Vietnam, which doesn’t surprise anyone.  All I really want to know is how long I’ll have to spend with you before I go.  You’re all I think of and all that really matters to me.  I love you Rita, with all my heart.  Forever!

Gotta go.



Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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