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April 16, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Dearest Rita,
 I got three letters of yours to answer now. One came last night and two tonight. No, your package hasn’t arrived yet. If it was over 5 pounds it goes by boat, so that’s probably why.

I was surprised were you said you are off the pill. I thought you were going to keep on since your system was regulated to them. When I left I thought you would get some as soon as you got home and just miss a couple of days. Didn’t you even talk to the doctor about it? I wish you had. In fact I wish you would. That probably has a lot to do with [what] you mentioned. If something can be done about it or if it can be stopped by taking the pill, I think you should. Besides, remember Hawaii —

Say, you’d best get your tape recorder back and start sending some tapes. I didn’t give it to you for nothing you know. It was meant for times like this, and it will really get a workout this year, I promise. Of course you’ll have to send some tapes my way first — I’m out.

Yes, I still got that nickel. I lost a couple of times but found it again. I doubt if I’ll be able to last the whole year without losing it, but I’ll sure try. I’ll send Da Nang quarter along with this if I remember.

That reminds me — you said you were sending some pictures of our first home along — but nothing. Get on the ball, gal, I’m anxious to see them (your picture especially).

I’m glad the allotments came through all right. Did you pick up the savings book at the bank? You’ll need it to put money in, which I hope you’ll be doing. And remember that you’ll have to take it down every month so they can enter it as the allotments come through.

Have you found yourself a job yet? Hope you can find a good one. It would be nice if you could find one where the experience would be helpful in the future. Just what that would be around Brookings I don’t know. Another thing — have you checked on your summer schooling at? It’s not too far off remember.

Some more mail just came around and I got a letter from Bob. Sure was good to hear from him. Sounds like he’s having himself a wild time. I guess that’s what life in the service should be like.

Thanks for Curt’s and Lester’s addresses. I’m going to try getting a letter off to each of them this week. I think Curt’s a ways farther south from here, but less is somewhere around the general area. Wouldn’t mind seeing either one of them a bit.

Think I’d best close now hon. Time to clean up and get ready for bed — and dream of you! And what dreams!! I love you, Reet, more than ever.

Your Hubby,


Sorry I missed Thursday’s post.  I was on vacation and made an error.


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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