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“Since we didn’t have weapons all we could do was run.”

November 7, 1969.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Dearest Rita, I got a letter from you today!  I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me. But you had a pretty good excuse – I can remember what it’s like during midterms. It sure was good to hear from you though.  In fact, it made […]

“Well, we moved today.”

August 3, 1968.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina Hi Honey, Well, we moved today, and these barracks are worse than I had really expected.  They’re the old wooden type with coal furnaces.  That means coal dust to fight and breathe, and someone to keep them going.  Don’t have to worry about heat yet, but to get […]

“Tomorrow I have the interview with IBM”

You may or may not have noticed dad’s style and spelling have changed a little bit.  I use speech-to-text software to translate all of these letters and it works pretty well, the only problem is that it spells everything correctly.  Dad always spells “nite” instead of “night.”  Stuff like that.  Well, every time he did […]