Sunday, November 2, 1969 – Camp Eagle, Vietnam.

Hi Lover,

Sure seems like a long time since I wrote you last.  I guess it has been about four or five days, and then just a quick one.  Today I’ve got all afternoon, so I try make this one worth while.

I can’t believe this is November already.  It’s supposed to be winter, but it sure doesn’t seem like it here.  I know it’s not going to seem anything like Xmas when it comes.  It gets kind of cold here at nights, but that’s about all.

No, I didn’t have a thing to do with Dex taking you out.  I hope you had a good time.  I’ll have to remember to thank him next time I write.  I just might get a little jealous too – I know what a hustler Dex is.

Yes, we have our hootch mother’s address, and we wrote her about a month ago.  Everyone put in their two cents worth and signed it.  We gave some money to one of the guys who Derosed* a couple weeks ago, and he was going to send her some flowers from Ben Hoa if he could, or else when he got back to the states.  Haven’t heard anything about that yet.

You asked what kind of dog Shawn is.  Darned if I know.  He’s a mutt, but must have some kind of terrier in him.  I’ll send a picture if I can ever get some film.  None of the P.X.s here or at Phu Bai have had any for better than a month now.

Clay was here the other day, or night I should say.  All the officers of the 5th Teams were having a party here, so he flew them up.  Sure was good to see him again.  He stayed until the party was over (about 11:00), but was kind of hoping there would be at least one sober pilot to get them back.  He made it tho, cause I saw him yesterday when I flew to B Company to pick up some stuff we needed.  Didn’t have a chance to talk to him then tho.

Clay is going to be a father any day now, if not already.  Barb went on a trip to Europe this summer, but is back in California now.  They plan on getting married as soon as Clay gets back.

Why didn’t you send me that letter full of reasons not to extend?  I’ve got quite a few good ones myself, but I would like to hear yours also.  I don’t really think I will, but I’ve got to do it by the end of January if I do.  That’s plenty of time to think up reasons not to.

OK, where are those pictures you said you were going to send me a long time ago?  I’m beginning to think you forgot how a camera works.  Please try to get some to me soon, would you Reet?

It just started raining again.  For a minute it was coming down so hard I couldn’t see the next hootch, which is only about fifteen feet away.  Now it’s just a nice light rain, which isn’t bad.

Speaking of pictures again – Dave did take a couple more pictures of me a couple of weeks ago, but hasn’t had a chance to get to the photo lab to develop them yet.  I’ll send them when I get them.  I’ll also send some pictures I took at Evans along with this letter (if I remember).  This damp weather makes them stick together, so I hope you can get them apart when you get them.

OK, I see what you mean about sending cards to the friends of mine you’ve met.  Bill and Kim you can use my old address for. I don’t know any of their serial numbers, but that doesn’t matter.  Clay is at B Co. 5th Trans.  How about Skip G.?  He’s at my old address too.  He may be out of the Army by Xmas tho – no, I guess it’s right after Xmas he’ll be getting out.

How did your rummage sale go?  Make a lot of money?  And did you buy that instamatic?   If you did, use it. (Hint!)

By now you should have your government check, and the other one should be in the bank.  That means the loan I took out is all paid up.  Now we are 100% out of debt, and a hundred dollars a month goes into saving from now on, plus what you can put in.  Let me know what we have in there again, will you honey?  After this month it should mount up fast.

I’m in a bind about what to get my family for Xmas.  The gift catalogues (I’ve got three) list only junk or expensive stuff like cameras and electronics equipment.  There is very little in between.  Don’t know what I’m going to do.

Sure wish I could be home for Xmas this year.  You and I have never really had a Xmas together.  Kind of funny, isn’t it, after everything else we’ve had.  Even the year before last we each celebrated with our own families.  Next year it will be different tho.  The two of us will spend our first Xmas together in our own home. We’ll go shopping together and do everything like it should be done.  And most important, we’ll have each other.

I’ve been kind of lucky – I’ve been too busy the last couple of weeks to miss you as much as usual.  But when I do get a chance to for a while, I miss you that much more.  I still find it hard to believe that someone as wonderful as you can be all mine and mine alone.  That you can love me as I love you seems impossible, more than I ever expected to find.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s really true.  I’ll find out in 140 days.  I love you Rita, with all my heart.

Your Love Is My Life,


P.S. I could be home on leave for Xmas if I extend for six.

P.P. S. Pictures in another envelope.

It’s been said before but bears repeating from time to time: Deros (DEROS) stands for Date Eligible for Return from Overseas.