Sunday, October 19, 1969.  Camp Eagle, Vietnam.


Hi Lover,

Boy do I feel good now.  I lay down after noon chow and slept like a baby til after five.  Then I went and ate, took a shower, and popped a beer.  Now I’m ready to write.

The reason I was so darn tired today is that for the last three days I’ve been working my ___ off on a Cobra.  Worked till after dark last nite, then had tech supply guard until two.  Then up again this morning.  Finally finished just before noon chow was over.  I was beat.

While I was sleeping a guy took a picture of me which I’ll send along.  It’s not very good, but I don’t know what I’d do with it.  Dave M. also took a picture of my nose with a telephoto lens.  Have to wait til he develops it to see it.  That will probably be the best picture I’ve ever taken.

Yesterday I finally got at least some of the mail I’ve been missing since leaving Evans.  One letter from you (Sept 15) and two from the folks (Sept 3 and 24).  One was even written by Dad, which surprised me.  He usually doesn’t write, but sends tapes.

I’ve also got two new letters of yours to answer again.  Keep up the good work – I like it.

Say, that snow really sounds great!  Sure wish I could have been there with you.  Yes, I remember that walk in the snow we took.  That was one of these special times I’ll always remember.  The snow in your hair was beautiful!  Everything was that night.

Yesterday was Hobo Day, and I suppose the opening of pheasant season.  And I missed them both, darn!  I’d give anything to be back there to do some hunting right now.

Dad’s getting his master’s degree, huh?  I haven’t heard a word about it – didn’t even know he was working on it now.  He has been off and on for several years tho, but I’m surprised that he or Mom never said anything to me about it.  You said Vicky told you about it.  Who’s Vicky?  I mean, which one?  I presume you mean Vicky L.  And how did she find out?

Also I didn’t know anything about Mom having a wig.  Surprised the hell out of me.  Wonder why she’s never said anything about it.  Maybe she wanted to keep it as a surprise but I don’t know why.

No, I don’t think both of us need to but gifts for both sets of parents.  I think I suggested once before that you get gifts for your folds from us, and I’ll get gifts for mine.  Of course, if I don’t get a MACV card pretty soon, I won’t have time to get gifts there for Xmas.  I’m sure the folks will understand tho.  I will send them to you to give to them – I think that’s a good idea.

I couldn’t believe it when you said twenty of those Xmas cards printed for one dollar!  If they’re good quality for that price, go ahead.  I know a lot of our relatives would like that.  By the way, did you take our wedding pictures down to show my Grandmother?  I suppose everyone but me has seen them, huh?

Why don’t you forget sending one to Kim and Bill.  If they get one, I’d just about have to send one to five or six other guys in the hootch.  If you want to do that tho, I’ll send you the names.  You could send one to Clay if you want.  He’s at B Co 5th Trans.  I know he’d like that.

About that “building” we had dedicated to us. It’s not exactly a building.  It’s a fifty-five gallon drum sunk in the ground, with four tin walls wrapped around it – commonly called a “piss tube.”  Still, it’s the thought that counts.  I wonder what that was?

Dave D. still has my copy of Atlas Shrugged.  I’m going to try to get it next time I’m up there.  I may just read it once more before I send it to you.  There probably won’t be much left when you get it.

You and Mom were both right in your agreement about how long most guys have been here.  About half of them are cherries, and half are short.  There’s only about eight or ten of us in between.

I’m starting to feel short myself.  Another two days and I’m down to five months.  After that I can say four months and days.  We’re getting there Honey, slowly but surely.

You know, when I think about how great it will be to be with again, that’s when I just don’t feel like extending.  And I think about that all the time, so I really don’t think I’ll extend.  A year away from you is long enough.  Too long in fact.  I want to get back to those walks in the snow, and those afternoons on a blanket in a field, and the days by the lake.  I want to love you for real again, not just in memory.  Until that day my love for you is still growing.  I love you with all my heart.  Good night Reet.

All My Love,


“About half of them are cherries, and half are short.  There’s only about eight or ten of us in between.”

I’ve been racking my brain and I have no idea what this means.  Anyone?

Also, alas, I do not have the photo of him sleeping or his telephoto nose.