Well, we’re back to our regular schedule I hope.  I apologize for the long delay but between the show and Christmas break, lots of work to be done.  I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Saturday, October 11, 1969.  Camp Eagle, Vietnam.

Hi Beautiful!

I’m frustrated!  I got a tape from you today, and nothing to play it on.  The one I borrowed for your last tape is gone – the guy left this morning for the states.  So far I haven’t found anyone else who has one.  That’s as bad as getting a blank one.

One thing made it a little easier, I got a letter from you too.  The one telling me about your classes.  How many credit hours does that make – must be 12 or 14, huh?  That’s just guessing, cause I really don’t know how many credits those two art courses count.

No, I didn’t take any biology in college – it wouldn’t have counted for credit toward an engineering degree anyway, if I remember.  Or else I was exempt from it, I’m not sure.  I took Chem instead, and flunked it flat.

Sure wish I were back there going to school with you now.  I hope that when I get out we can afford to both of us go to school for a while.  I think I’d kind of like that.

If we can put a thousand bucks in the bank it would be just great.  With what we have now that would put us up around fifteen hundred.  That would mean you putting just about your whole check in the bank tho, and won’t that be kind of hard?  Great if you can, but don’t cut yourself too short.  And besides anniversaries and Christmas, remember that you’re going to have car insurance coming up again before too long.

Yes, I’ve thought about my folks’ 25th wedding anniversary coming up, but I didn’t realize your folks was too.  And I’m in the same old bind as far as getting a gift from over here.  I’ll write Dex and Brian and have them decide on something from all of us, and you can draw our share out of the bank, okay.  Unless of course I get my MACV card and get straightened out at finance first.  There’s some nice stuff I could send from here if they’d let me.

Yesterday I spent all day guarding gooks who were hauling trash.  It was kind of fun, even tho we couldn’t understand each other.  There were six on my truck – two women and four men.  I didn’t believe the way they would scrounge stuff, especially food (fruit and C rations) and clothes.

The night before last a guy committed suicide in a bunker next to our hanger.  I guess he got a “Dear John” from his wife, and bam, instead divorce.

Last night I had guard duty, so didn’t get any sleep then.  I worked all day and now I’m on C.Q. tonite, so I won’t sleep much tonite either.  But I think I’m getting all day off tomorrow to catch up on my sleep.  Sure hope so.  I could use it.

Oh yes, I gotta tell you this.  It stopped raining!  Finally.  And I don’t miss it a bit.  It will probably start up again before morning tho.

Well Honey, must close now and go wake up some people

Remember that I love you Rita.  We’ll have those days by the lake and out in a field again, don’t you worry.  It’s memories like those that make our love so strong, until we can create new ones again.  I love you!