Sunday, September 28, 1969.   Camp Evans, Vietnam.

Hi Beautiful!

Well, I finally got some of my mail, mainly because I came up to Evans and got it.  That’s where I am now.  Sure was good to hear from you again – after almost two weeks.  I got four letters from you and the mail clerk said some had already been sent down to Eagle.  So I’ll probably get that tomorrow.  Sure hope so.

I came up here yesterday, figuring we’d get paid either yesterday or today.  But we don’t until tomorrow, so I’ve got to stay til then.  Too bad!  It’s been a good weekend just shooting the bull with the guys again.

I’m not going to answer your letters tonite – I’ll wait until I’m back at Eagle.  There is a lot I want to talk about and answer, and I’d rather do that when I’m alone.

I will say here that I loved that book of poems.  And you’re right, it does express that special feeling of love much better than you or I could in our own words.  Just remember it goes for me too.  I love you, Rita, more and more every day.

All My Love,


No idea what the book of poems is about, but I’d love to know its name.  I’d probably order a copy ASAP.