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Friday, September 26, 1969.  Camp Eagle, Vietnam.


Hi Love!

Just finished with my shower and feel good and clean again.  There’s no flick tonite, so I have a feeling this would be a nice long letter.  I hope it turns out that way anyway.

We had an I.G. inspection yesterday, so the three or four days before that we’re kind of hectic.  The officers and NCO’s get all upset and excited about it, and just can’t understand why we’re not.  It’s just that after just so many inspections a guy just doesn’t give a damn if we flunk it.  We’re just glad it’s over.

The other nite there was a live band here – Filipinos.  They were really pretty good, and had four good looking chicks dancing and singing.  Seeing some good looking broads just makes me miss you more.  It reminds me what I’ve got waiting for me at home.  Can’t wait!

Remember what I said about those dream sheets not meaning much?  Well tonite I was talking to a guy who just got his orders to go home and his next assignment.  He and three others had put in for the west coast.  They got Fort Eustis.  So, like I said – I’m not counting on getting the northwest like I put in for.  Who knows, maybe we’ll go East again.

I talked to my crew leader about going up to Evans tomorrow afternoon and staying over til Sunday.  He said okay, but now I have to clear it with my platoon sergeant.  I don’t think he’ll be any problem but you never know.  I’ll have to get paid up then, but I don’t know if they’ll be paying tomorrow or Sunday.

Today my platoon sergeant (SFC S) asked me if I’d like to go to “B” Co. 5th Trans.  I said sure cause I’ve got a lot of friends there (Clay and others).  But then he said it would be to work on CH 47’s (Chinooks), cause we’re sending all our Hook people there and won’t work on them here anymore.  I told him no, definitely not.  I want nothing to do with those monsters.  I hate the eight of them even.  So I’m staying here now.

He also said he needed two men to crew a LOH (one of those little jobs) and I said I’d love to get that.  But he has some LOH people who would have to get first chance, so I imagine they’ll grab it.  But I may try getting on the LOH maintenance team, just to try something different for a change.

I’ve just been talking with a couple guys here about tape recorders and china.  Those are two things I’m definitely going to get while I’m here.  One other thing I’ve been thinking about too – Melmac.  Why don’t I order a set and we can use it for everyday instead of those good dishes?  I’ve been looking for them too, but without much luck.  Why don’t you tell me the brand name and send a picture if you can get one from Watson’s and I’ll keep trying.

You know, after getting all that stuff and Xmas presents too.  I’ probably end up not saving much over here.  But the savings in price is too great to pass up.  I hate myself forever if I didn’t, and you probably would too.  Especially if I didn’t get china, huh?  And it’s all stuff we need or will want for our home, so I feel it will be well worth it.

Oh yea, I should tell about our short timers hootch.  The eight shortest guys in our platoon will live there.  The will get partitioned rooms, real beds and mattresses and won’t have to make any formations or pull extra duties.  That will really be a nice way to spend your last month or so here.  I guess they figured that no one works when they’re that short anyway.

Well, Rita, looks like I managed to make this a fairly respectable letter.  I wish I had the time to do this more often.  But now it’s getting late and I’m going to hit the sack.

Good night Reet.  I love you with all my heart!



Okay, so lots of “things”  in this letter.  I’ll try to clear a few up.

  • If you didn’t recall, Fort Eustis was dad’s first posting after basic (I think, it’s been a while).
  • B Company, 5th Transportation Unit were stationed in Phu Bai as best as I can tell.
  • LOH = Light Observation Helicopter.  Like the ones you see in the show opening of M*A*S*H.  Many different models have been used over the years.
  • Melmac is a brand of plastic dishware.
  • Also, Melmac is the name of the home planet of Alf.

Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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