Thursday, September 18, 1969.  Camp Eagle, Vietnam.


Dear Rita,

Well, it’s the end of my first full day here, and I can’t say I like it as well as good ol’ C Battery.  But then I spent a lot more time with that unit.

It’s a small world tho.  The guy next to me went thru basic with a couple guys from my old outfit.  Another guy was at Bragg with the 82nd while we were there and know a lot of guys in our outfit.  So we’ve got something to talk about anyway.  Oh yea, the dude next to me knows Clay too.  He was with B. Co. when Clay was sent down there.

Right now it’s raining as usual.  The monsoons are really setting in now it looks like. It rains every night now, and most the day for the last few days.  At least this hootch doesn’t look like the one I was in at Evans.

One big hassle I’ve got here is that I’m broke.  I spent what little money I had left on booze the nite before I came down.  I mean we had to have a little party.  Kim dug out two pints of bourbon his folks had sent him too, so we had a good time.  But now I don’t have even enough to buy cigarettes.

Maybe I should quit, huh?  Whoops, I shouldn’t have said that.  Well, maybe I will – someday.

I’m hoping that by tomorrow some of my mail will be getting here from Evans.  It’ll probably be a couple more days tho.  Can’t wait to get one from you again.

You know something Honey?  I love you.  How do you like them apples?  Six months and three days to go til I tell you that in person.  Until then just remember – I’ll love you always.



PS (over)

I’ll send your cards we soon as I find them.  They’re still at the bottom of my bags.