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Wednesday, September 17, 1969.  Camp Eagle, Vietnam.

Dear Rita,

Well, I finally got moved.  It’s been a hassle all day.  I’m at Eagle now, with “A” Co. 5th Trans.  So on my address now just put that instead of the 388TC 4/77.  Everything else is the same I think.  If not I’ll have the right address on the envelope anyway.

Greg T. who was shipped out with me went to “B” co., at Phu Bai.  That’s where I would have liked to have gone since Clay and several other guys I know are down there.  But the Army doesn’t give you choices like that.  So here I don’t know anybody.  But it usually doesn’t take too long to make some friends.  A lot of guys here are short too, down to less than a month, so maybe a couple more from my unit will get sent here.  Who knows?

I’m going to close now.  I’m darn tired, and must write the folks.  They don’t know a thing about this yet.

Goodnight Rita.  I love you always.

Your Hubby,


Well, if you blinked you missed it.  Dad is now at Camp Eagle, which, if you look at the map back on our “I was looking forward to having a monkey” post, is just on the right; where it says EAG… something.  That something is Camp Eagle.  I put up a map here that shows where they are relative to each other.

Only 20 miles southeast of Camp Evans, it was a smaller base and was a staging point for some of the missions involved in the Battle of Hamburger Hill.

Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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