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Saturday, September 13, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.

Dearest Rita,

Boy, I got a nice long letter from you tonite.  Made my day.  So now I’ll answer it and maybe make your day soon.

Hey, that’s great news about our bills being nearly paid!  And nearly $500 in the bank!  When the bills are all paid off at the end of next month – then we can really save.  We should be able to hit $1600.  That would be nice.  I’ve got nearly $300 over here, but most of that will go for your china, Xmas presents, and (if I decide we can afford it) a stereo tape set.

By the way, I finally got a line on your china.  I sent in for a catalogue on it. I looked thru one of another guy’s, and they didn’t have any of the four you sent me listed (same brand).  They did have some mighty fine looking stuff tho, so I’ll use the ones you sent me as a guide when picking one.

I’m glad your hair is getting so long – I have a feeling I’m really going to groove on it.  Like when it’s spread out all over the bed.  And I think that red hair bit sounds good.  But, like you said, not bright red.  Just reddish.

I don’t know if I’ll have my mustache when I get home or not.  It’s a pain having one and not being able to see it.  But I’ll tell you what – if you will send me some brown mustache wax, I’ll keep it.  But not unless.

I guess I’d best explain about those pictures on the wall.  They’re not mine – really.  They’re Mike E.’s, and they are pasted all across that end of the hootch.  I didn’t really think you would notice them – I was hoping you wouldn’t anyway.

This is later the same nite.  I just got back from the flick – “The Wrecking Crew” with Dean Martin.   Seems to me you mentioned it just after I got over here.

I guess I told you we couldn’t keep Joe.  Or any other pet but the dog.  By the way, his name is Short.

It’s raining again.  It rains for about half an hour to an hour three or four times a day.  From what I understand the monsoons (they haven’t really started yet) run thru January.  It’s still hot between showers, but nice and cool at night.

Yup, you’re a dirty old lady.  Stay that way – I like it.  And when I get back you can throw your flannel nightgown away, cause I’ll never let you wear it – or anything else.  And you’re going to have to get used to going without a bra again.  Best start practicing.

It’s about 11:30 now.  At ten a guy came in and said we had a maintenance meeting at the theater.  I just about didn’t go cause it was on our own time, but finally decided to see what was going on.  Anyway, it was free beer.  Captain T. and Mr. P., our maintenance officers were buying.  So now I’m feeling pretty good.  And I’m tired too.  So I’ll close and go to bed.

But before I do I’ve got to tell you I love you.  That’s what my letters are all about.  I love you Rita.  And I will for the rest of my life.

I love you!



So I’m guessing this is the dog.  It’s the only picture of my dad, a dog, and Vietnam in the same photo, so there you go.

This letter is the sexiest one he’s written so far and I’m rather happy it is.  As I’ve gotten older and now have kids, it’s less distasteful to think of my parents as having been sexual people.  When we were younger well all did each other a favor and just didn’t think about it, but I’m glad they were writing hot little notes to each other, because I think it reflects on a healthy relationship.  Or at least an aspect of one.

And that’s nice.

Also, anyone who wants to see The Wrecking Crew in its full glory, you can find it here.  Warning: it’s Dean Martin in his later years and, true to late 1960’s style, he makes an attempt at “kung fu.”  Dean Martin is probably the least kung fu person on the planet, so make of it what you will. Rumor has it the fight choreography was by Bruce Lee, which would be like Mozart composing a virtuoso violin piece for a 6th grader.

Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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