Wednesday, September 10, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Hi Love,

I was planning on writing the folks tonite, but I’d rather write you.  Right now we’re listening to a tape a bunch of guys made a couple nights ago.  I was on guard duty so I didn’t get in on it.  They were drunk at the time and tried to tape some songs.  It’s really good.  I don’t know what people would do around here if we couldn’t get drunk once in a while.

In the letter I got from you tonite you said you had gone to the fair “again.”  I never knew about the first time!  Now I’m trying to figure out if you forgot to mention it, or if I’m missing a letter.

You’re right, I’m one card ahead of myself.  At least I’m sending a card at the end each week for the week ahead.  I figured you’d get them about the right time.  Guess I was wrong, but I think I’ll keep it up.  It’s easier than trying to figure out which one to send when.  But we’re not half thru the deck yet – the next one will be one half.  As far as days go, today’s the 10th I’ve got 193 days at the wake-up.  That’s official.

Who’s Jean S.?  When you whip some of these names with just initials for last names, I get lost.

Your shape doesn’t need any improvement from what I remember of it.  Unless there’s been a drastic change since then, and I doubt that.

I’ve got a couple of Screaming Eagle papers and an ARMY Reporter I’ll send tonite in another envelope.

Tonite I saw old Presley in “Charro.”  I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not.  It would have been a good flick if I could have taken him seriously in a western, but I just can’t.

It’s late now Reet, and I’m heading to bed.  Good night Reet.  I love you!