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Monday, September 1, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Hi Love!

We’ve got a new guy in our unit named Joe – he’s a monkey.  Really cool!  He gets so much attention that he gets excited tho, and he’s scratched a couple of guys.  The guy who got him has decided he doesn’t like the idea as much as did at first and wants to get rid of him.  So I’m going to take him.  Right now Joe’s down at a veterinary clinic for shots and observation for two weeks, but when he gets back it looks like he’ll be mine, unless the guy changes his mind.

So now our unit’s got a monkey, a dog, a cat, two chickens (one died) and a praying mantis.  I imagine an elephant is the next thing.

Today was a real nice day, cool for a change.  It was cloudy and sprinkled a bit and got rid of some of the damn dust. Then tonite it opened up and really started raining, and it’s been raining ever since – like you can’t see five feet out the door for the water.  But we needed it – we haven’t been able to get water for the last couple of days cause our water supply dried up.

The picture I’m sending with this was taken tonite (I hope I remember to put it in).  It kind of shows you a bit of our hootch, or at least my corner.  And if you look close you can even see my mustache.  It’s never showed up in a picture before.

So far this letter has taken me two hours for this little bit.  The problem is that there is some beautiful soft music being played on a big tape deck, and I just sit back and groove to the music and think about you.  I’m definitely going to get this stuff taped for our big set.  I’ve never heard most of it before coming over here, but I want to listen to it again when I’m with you.

Now it’s even more romantic, cause we just lost our electricity.  I’m writing by candle light.  It’s still raining cats and dogs, and our whole battery area looks like a lake.  Or maybe I should say like a river.  We’re on the side of a hill and our hootch is at the bottom.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if we get washed away tonite. But who cares, as long as the beer holds out?

The writing by candle light isn’t the best, so I’m going to knock off.  It sure would be nice if you were with me tho.  Rain on the roof and candlelight.  It’s really a beautiful setting.  Especially if you’re with the one you love.  And I love you Rita, with all my heart!

Your Love Is My Life,


P.S. We just got hit, and had to go wading out to our bunker which has two feet of water on the floor.  Loads of fun.  This is going to get more common as the monsoons and bad weather comes around and the ships can’t get up.

I’m dying to know what music he was listening to at the time.  Was it Pink Floyd? The Doors?  It’s killing me.

 photo Dad with Beer.jpg

I’m attaching a photo that could be the one he’s referring to, but I doubt it.  If you were to squint just right though, you might just see the slightest trace of a mustache.  And as this is the ONLY photo I have where this peach fuzz is visible, I post it here.

Not gonna lie, it reminds me more than a little of the ‘stache on this guy:

 photo Westley.jpg

Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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