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Wednesday, August 27, 1969. Camp Evans, Vietnam.


This is going to be short cause I have one hell of a headache. And I’ve got to write the folks tonite.  I haven’t written them for close to two weeks.  That’s getting kind of bad.

I got my Algebra course last nite.  I was on guard then so I didn’t get at it until tonite.  It’s going to be tough, I can tell that already.  But it’s kind of fun for a change.

Dave D. had a little girl yesterday morning, 5 lbs 14 ozs.  Hope he gets the word down at Vung Tau.  That makes four girls and a boy born this month.

I’ve got a birth announcement from Gail and Steven.  I want to drop them a line if I can.  But I can hardly find the time to write my wife and folks, so I’m not sure I’ll get it done.

I had to buy a new watch today.  Mine gave up the ghost.  I took it apart and fixed it once, but it was so corroded from the humidity here that I didn’t figure it would last long.  And there’s no place to get them fixed here.

Anyway, I bought a Seiko for $22.  It’s a good looking watch and a lot cheaper here than in the states.  It’s really going to leave me short on dough this next month, but I can’t stand to be without a watch.  (I had to borrow some of it from Bill L.).

Today a Sp5 names Denny E.,  whose been with the unit since Bragg, left for the states.  He’s getting out, the lucky dog.  He was one happy guy this morning.  A couple of days and he’s a civilian.

Bill is taking his R&R in November.  He’s just about assured of getting Hawaii since he came over with the advanced party.  He’s already making plans.  He’s also talking about extending for six over here, so he won’t get sent over again.  He’s got about 18 months left when we get back to the states.  What he’d really like tho is an assignment in Germany.

Well, Honey, I’d best close.  Just remember I love you with all my heart, and always will.  Good night Rita.

All My Love,


You can decide whether you want to click on the link below (it’s 5MB pdf file), but it will take you to the 1969 Seiko watch catalogue.

And it’s awesome.

Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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