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Monday, August 25, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Hi Honey!

I meant to write you yesterday, but I didn’t quite get to it.  I was busy doing nothing – absolutely nothing.  It was beautiful.

Yesterday was a real nice day.  It was sunny but not really hot.  Gene W. and I decided it was only about 90° out.  Then Kim came in and said the thermometer at the hanger was reading 113°.  Must be getting used to the heat when that feels cool!

The nights here have turned quite cold lately.  At least about three in the morning it turns cold.  We’ve been sleeping under blankets or poncho liners lately.  I guess it’s because the monsoons are coming. They’re supposed to start around October.

You said you didn’t know what Virgil and Jeannie would be doing in Watertown.  Well, they’ll both be teaching at the high school.  She’ll teach seniors and he’ll teach sophomores, I think.  I guess I didn’t tell you this before because I just don’t think of telling you what’s going on back there.  I guess it seems like you should know everything.

You’d best believe I hit the ground when rockets and mortars start popping all around us.  Only an idiot or someone bent on suicide wouldn’t.  But the time I told you about wasn’t necessary because it was our own stuff going out.  We were just still on edge from their stuff coming in a few minutes before that.

From your letter it’s easy to see you hadn’t received mine about out R&R when you wrote it.  I’m sure you have by now tho.  I’m sorry you were making so many plans and sewing dresses, and then get disappointed.  I know you can use it anyway, but it was for a special occasion and I wish I could do something about it.  Besides, I’d like to see it too, as long as you were in it.

No, I don’t really think we’ll live in Australia someday – but – I kind of like the idea too.  I’ve been thinking about an R&R there to look around a bit.  That’s what I had always planned on before we were married.  Now tho, I feel more like saving the money if I can’t be with you.  It’s tempting tho.  Sounds like a lot of opportunity there.

Say, I’ve got a question I meant to ask when I was talking about Virgil and Jeannie earlier.  What church were they married in?  She doesn’t belong to any, I know, so I was curious.

By the way, if I didn’t say this before, that little purple man and I are in complete agreement.  I could use a little more “joy” in my life right now.  What I could really use tho is you.  Then I’d have everything.

I love you, Rita.  And in six months and days I’ll tell you that myself.

I Love You!


Still unsure about the identity of the “little purple man.”  I’m betting it was a type of Duncan brand yo-yo, who back in the day had a little guy on the purple package.

Anyone who has another idea what it might be, let us know in the comments.


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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