Saturday, August 23, 1969. Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Hi Beautiful!

Just sitting here drinking my beer and having a good old time.  I’d be having a better time if we didn’t have to work tomorrow.  But what the heck.

I moved today, but not far.  I’m in the same hooch but in a corner now.  Gives us more room in the center, and we’re down to nine guys now (they’re six man hootches).

Dave D. left for Vung Tau today for school.   His first child is due right now, so he’s worried about not getting the word.

I’m glad to hear that Curt’s back.  Seems about time some guys from our area start making it back in one piece.  We had a pretty poor average for a while there.

Yes, I remember that day at Bob’s cabin.  Them was the good old days.  Sure seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?  Better than two years ago.  Funny how that seems longer ago than a lot of things that happened before that.

Well, honey, half our time is almost gone!  The 22nd of next month will be half way as far as months go, and the 18th is halfway counting days.   And the 6th of next month I’ll break 200 – I’ll have 199 days then.  Doesn’t sound so long that way, does it?  If this doesn’t jive with your figures it’s because I’ve added two days to my Deros.  It’s March 21, not the 19th like I said earlier.

I’m going to the flick tonite, so I’ll close this up now.  But I’ll try to keep them coming pretty regularly now.  They’ve been better lately, haven’t they?

I love you honey, and I always will.