Friday, August 22, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Hi Wife!

Time has got to be going fast.  It seems like every time I turn around I’m sending you a card.  We’re getting toward the halfway mark – won’t be long now.

Not too much has been happening around here lately.  Oh yeah, four people were assassinated in the village by the V.C.  And a guy in the unit next to us went berserk and killed his first sergeant and wounded his C.O.  Four gooks were killed on our perimeter, one inside the wire other day.

They needed some guys to go out to a fire base tomorrow and Sunday, so nearly all of us in maintenance volunteered.  But they wouldn’t let us go, cause we wanted to.  Now if we had tried to get out of going…?

So far tonite I’ve spent reading the new Playboy.  New to us anyway – it’s been out for a month back in the world.  Say, what happened to our calendar?  It didn’t get left in North Carolina did it?  I recall that it got hidden when the folks came.

When does college start again?  I know you probably don’t like to think about it again, but by the time you get this it should be getting close again.  Sure wish I could be there to go too.  Can’t you imagine us walking to class together?  I really think that would be cool.

Even tho time is going fast, I’m still impatient to be back with you.  Our short time together was so much more beautiful than I had imagined it would be, that that is all I can think of. Now we’ll both know how to appreciate what we have when we’re together – (As if we didn’t then!).

I just re-read that last bit and it doesn’t make much sense.  I’m sorry.  I guess I was trying to say something that can’t be put into words. What I meant was “I love you.”  And I do Rita, very very much!  I Love You!

Your Love is My Life!