Sunday, August 17, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Hi Beautiful!

I just got back from church and have a little time before chow, so I figured I’d start a letter.  I meant to write last nite, but it seems another party got going here in our hooch, so it was impossible.  I guess it lasted until after two, but I went to bed long before that.  Looks like everyone’s getting an early start today.  They’re all up drinking already.

Last nite I got your tube of summer sausage and on the box you said you forgot to mail it with the rest.  I presume that means I’ve got one coming yet with a yo-yo and a purple man (?) in it, right?  Maybe I’ll get that today or tomorrow.

Now I’m back from chow, and we had real mashed potatoes today!  That’s quite a treat after five months of eating the dehydrated stuff.

I just saw the list of the order for R&R to Hawaii.  I’m 15th, and the first four get it.  Next month I’ll probably be lower.  So don’t go buying any clothes for me – I won’t be needing them.  I’m sorry you won’t be wearing that outfit I bought to Hawaii, but I’m sure you can use it for plenty of other things.  Like when I get home and take you out to dinner.  Let’s make that a date, huh?

This is Sunday evening now.  I got three letters from you tonite!  I’m only going to answer parts of them now, since I probably won’t get any more for a couple days. Okay?

First, thank Nancy W. for the card and note.  I thought that was real nice.

So someone knew what the transportation brass meant, huh?  That’s a surprise.  I had forgotten you had them.  But, I’m not in transportation anymore – it’s artillery now.  I suppose to keep you up to date I should send you some of those.

Say, do you see Jim C. around?  If you do, ask him if he know of a Dave G., a coach at Wayne State in Nebraska.  He probably does.  That’s Kim’s brother-in-law.

You must really be getting used to taking showers now instead of baths.  It used to be you’d say a little bit about whenever you took one, but now you mention them just as casually as you’d mention a bath.  Can’t wait ‘til I can join you.

Honey, I wouldn’t make a table cloth for my table if I were you.  First of all my footlocker sits on it when it’s not in use.  Then when it is in use it gets pop and beer spilled on it and cigarettes laid on it and the works.  I don’t think it would last long.

Tonite I got a “dream sheet” to fill out.  It’s a form where you can pick the area you want to serve in after you leave Nam.  It’s called a dream sheet cause they don’t seem to do any good.  I haven’t decided to put down the midwest or northwest.  Chances are I’ll put down the northwest, which would include Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.  I don’t think there’s much in that area other than Ft. Lewis, but that’s got a lot going around there.  But like I said, it doesn’t mean much.

I think I’ll go to a flick tonite.  So – good nite Rita.  I love you always.




So, the “purple man” seems to be a reference to a character on a yo-yo.  I did all kinds of research and that’s the best I could come up with.  The question mark in the letter was not put in there by me, it is in his original letter.  It seems like even he wasn’t entirely sure about the name.

Also, the “transportation brass” probably refers to some type of insignia that mom had of dad’s transport unit.  Something like this.  If he’s in artillery at this point, it would look like this.  I’m pretty sure I have one or two of these upstairs in my drawer, but there is an 8 month old baby sleeping in there right now and that’s not a risk you take.

It also kills the English teacher in me just a little bit when he writes “nite,” and “tonite.”