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Saturday, August 9, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Deer Reet,

I got a letter from you TODAY!  Really great, and it was quite a long one.  So tonite I’ll do some answering.  First of all, I’m sorry about that letter I wrote last nite.  I wasn’t going to mail it this morning, but Dave sent it before I could stop him.  I doubt if you can read it anyway.

You started out by saying that R&R is only two months away.  I don’t want to shoot down your hopes, but today I heard what could be some bad news.  It seems that more people put in for Hawaii each month than there are allocations for.  So there’s a chance I won’t get it in October.  If I don’t, I’ll still try get a seven day leave to Hawaii.  That causes problems as far as transportation to and from here goes, since R&R standby has priority over leaves.  And it would mean about two days less together, because the seven days start when I leave Nam, not when I get there like it is with R&R.  Now I want you to remember that this is only a chance, but it could happen.  I’m still counting on it in October.

Say, don’t let the money those people owe you wait forever.  The longer you wait the harder it is to collect.  I know you can’t press friends about it, and I’m not saying that, but let them know you could use it.  It must amount to $70-$80, doesn’t it?

I was surprised that the dentist bill you mentioned was that old one.  I thought it was for work done after I’d left.  Had you been counting on paying for that before?  At any rate, I hope you get the work you need done now taken care of before it gets too bad.

So you got jealous cause there were broads on the beach, huh?  Well, think how I feel with you running around and all those college guys there.  And the only time I see a broad is once in a blue moon.  You’ve got it good!

You asked if those bar girls looked or acted like prostitutes.  Of course, some of them did, but not very many.  Most of them looked like senior high school girls out just having fun.  It was hard at times to realize what they really were.  But you know I can’t hold something against anybody, even that, and the few I did talk to seemed very intelligent.  Really different!

No, I don’t really think we’ll move to Australia some day.  But I have thought seriously about the possibilities.  I definitely want to see it sometime, and then – who knows?

Yes, the cheese whiz made it okay and the crackers were still fresh.  I finished them up in a couple of days and then got a similar package from the folks, so I’m well stocked again.  I hope your next package has the yoyo in it.  The one the folks sent wasn’t too good.

Oh yes, a little word on promotions – it looks like the earliest I could possible make five in this unit would be October, and then it’s questionable.  I’m thinking about getting out of this unit if I can, but I hate to leave all the friends I’ve got here.  As long as I make it before I leave Nam – that’s was is really important.  Still, I’m getting pissed off at this outfit.

Yes, I can believe we’ve been apart five months.  Every day seems like a month when I think of you.  When I can look on my time here without thinking of you (which isn’t often) it has gone pretty darn fast.  I’m down to 225 days now!  Nearly halfway, and that’s what’s hard to believe.

Must go now!  I love you Rita.  Time just makes it grow.

All My Love,



Best I can tell the “five” he mentions is a promotion to E-5 which is Sargent.

Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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