August 6, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Hi Beautiful,

I got three letters and a package today, but none from my lovely wife.  I thought she was going to write a little more often while school is out (hint).  Sure hope she does.

I’m sending a form along which I’d like you to mail for me.  It’s for the correspondence course I signed up for yesterday.  I’m going to take an Algebra course.  The catch is that you have to send $5 along with the application, and I can’t get a money order over here because I don’t’ have a special card you need for it.  Anyway, would you do that for me?  The address and information for the form are on the back of the sheet.  The sooner this is in the sooner I can get started.

This first course I’m taking will be more or less of a review, which I need very badly.  It is worth 3 college credits.  After this first one I can take two at a time, so it’s possible I could get as many as fifteen credits while I’m over here, plus some once I’m back.  This will be a big help when I go back to school.  And for five bucks I figure I can’t lose.

I got a letter from Bob today!  It was started July 6.  I was glad to hear he made Lance Corporal.  Maybe now he can afford stamps once in a while.

Mom didn’t have much to say in her letter except what everyone in the family was doing.  I also got a package from them full of crackers and cheese.  They also sent a yoyo, but it wasn’t a sleeper.   I can make it into one, but it’s wood and kind of light.

I’m going to have to write Brenda one of these days.  I get a letter from her about once a week and very seldom write her.  I think she feels kind of bad about that.

This is a little later – Kim and Dave and I have been sitting around shooting the bull.  Mostly it’s been about dating during high school and back in the world before we came in the Army.  Some things are really funny when you look back on them.  Other things take on a lot more meaning.  But nothing I can think of has as much meaning as the times I had with you.  And those times are nothing compared to what I’m looking forward to in the future.  I love you Rita, and I want to make the happiest time together in the past dim with the happiness in the future.  And I think that’s the way it will be.

I Love You,


To review (because, you know, it’s been over six years) Bob is Dad’s best friend from school and they were very close until dad died.

Brenda is Dad’s sister and she is a lovely person.