July 30, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Dear Rita,

Boy, you should see the wind we’ve had around here the last few days.  Today isn’t quite so bad, but yesterday was terrible.  Sometimes you couldn’t see ten feet for the dust.  Gusts were up to 60 mph.  Miserable.

Went to the PX yesterday and picked up a few things I needed.  Also bought some gook sandals made out of tires to run around in.  I was surprised at how comfortable they are.

We’ve had several ships shot up lately.  In one, two rounds came up thru the floor and out the roof, one on each side of the co-pilot’s seat.  Had to replace a fuel cell on that one.  Another time a pilot had his head out the window and a round hit his helmet, splintering it good but not hurting him.  He just kept on talking like nothing happened.

Besides that we’re getting blades and tail booms full of holes.  Two ships went down but we’re recovered okay and nobody was hurt.

No, I won’t be teaching anybody back here, except as far as actually working with the other guys on our Cobras.  I imagine they’ll get a chance to go to the school too, but just when is hard to tell.

In a P.S. you asked if I had heard anything from Bill.  It sounded as if you didn’t know he was back here, but I know I told you that.  I don’t see too much of him tho since I’m working nites.  That will change in about a week when I switch to days again.

Clay was here yesterday and plans to come by quite often I guess.  I guess he isn’t doing much in his new unit, and gets more days off than he knows what to do with.  I went over and saw him while I was waiting for my plane at Phu Bai on my way to Vung Tau.  He’s really got it made, but says all the free time gets boring after a while.

Kim says to tell you “Hi,” but I told him you probably wouldn’t speak to him after that extending bit.  He still thinks I’m going to extend if his goes thru and is pretty upset about that – and I’m not making it any easier either.

I’m sorry that little get together of our folks didn’t turn out so hot.  I’m sure Mom didn’t know how your Mother felt about Leo and Aldred – I didn’t know it myself.  But true, Mom should have warned you.  But that’s the way she is and I’m afraid there’s not much anyone can do about it.

Now what’s this deal about WAC’s?  I don’t remember anything I could have said about them – there aren’t any except for nurses at the hospital, and I don’t know what I’d say about them.  Let me know what mom said about them.

Since this is my last piece of paper I’m going to have to close this in a hurry.  I love you Rita, and always will.  Remember that.

Your Hubby,



Can’t imagine with all the fuss about Leo and Aldred was, but maybe someone will turn up in the comments who remembers.