July 27, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.


Hi Beautiful!

I’m back at Evans now.  I just woke up after sleeping for fifteen hours straight.  I got back yesterday about 3:00 after traveling for two days without eating or sleeping, so I was kind of beat.  Feel fine now tho.

Friday morning we took our final test at the school.  Then there were graduation ceremonies at eleven.  Believe it or not, I was honor graduate of our course.  So I had to fill out a home town news release and get my picture taken, so it may be in the Register some time.

I left there about one and flew to Tan Son Nhut airbase in Saigon.  Waited until about eight that evening for a flight to Danang.  It stopped for a couple hours at Pleiku [central Vietnam in highlands] because of engine trouble, so I didn’t get to Danang until about two in the morning.  Waited there until one the next afternoon for a flight to Phu Bai, and hitch-hiked from there.  So now my vacation is over and I go back to work tonite.

The best part about getting back was getting some mail.  I had five or six from you, a tape and a letter from my folks, two from Brenda, and one from Dex.  So I’ve got a lot of writing to do.  Of course yours get answered first, altho I won’t get them all answered in one letter I know.

First off, I’m glad we finally got our wedding pictures.  From what you said and the folks said, they’re really good.  Wish I could see them.  You’ll have to bring them along to Hawaii with you so I don’t have to wait a year (8 months) to see them.  I’m sure I could let go of you long enough to look at them.

Sounds like you’ve been doing real good at taking care of our bills.  It will be great to have these out of the way completely.  How much do you think we’ll have in the bank after your school this fall is taken care of?  I hope there will be plenty for your trip to Hawaii!

You surprised me with that dentist bit.  You kept talking about having it done but this was the first I heard of it being done.  What all did you have done?

I’m going to close this up and go to church now.  I may start another one this afternoon, but first I think I’ll drop a line to the folks.  So you may be getting two in one day. Hope you don’t mind – I’ve got a bit more to say.
I love you Rita.



For those wondering about the geography, THIS MAP is his approximate route.