It’s been six and a half years, I’ve been teaching for five and a half, and I now have four kids.

Life has been busy.  We focus on other legitimately important goals.

However, despite all those perfectly reasonable life events I feel negligent.  For years these letters have been staring at me from the shelf with the I’m-very-disappointed-in-you look, and for years I have been saying, “I’ll get to you when I have more time.”  Well, I’ve learned the lesson I thought I already knew: if you wait until you have “time” you’ll never get anything done.  Do I have “time” for four kids? Plus a teaching job? Plus a home and extra curricular work yadda yadda yadda…

Nope! No time for any of that.

But we do it anyway, don’t we?  It’s time to stop making excuses.

I have a huge advantage this time though!  The most labor intensive part of this work has always been transcribing my father’s letters.  It takes a long time to either type them or use a text-to-speech program, a process that is only exacerbated by some health issues I have in my typing hands (another major contributing factor to not starting up again).  Unbeknownst to me, for the past many months my lovely and generous wife has been secretly transcribing over 100 letters and has pledged to help me finish that process so I can post them all in a timely fashion.

Posting will resume three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and, if I have “time,” I’ll try to get back and clean up some old posts. There are dead links, audio files that don’t load anymore, and all kinds of problems.  But that will be for later.

For now, let’s get started.

First post coming Wednesday.