June 29th, 1969 – Camp Evans, Vietnam.

Dearest Rita —

I received two letters and a tape from you yesterday, and they really made my day.  They took longer than usual though, and I don’t know why.  The oldest one took better than a week, so all week I didn’t get any from you.  I was beginning to wonder, but I figured either school kept you busy or it was the mail service.  A little bit of both I guess.

I really wanted to tape you a letter today, but the batteries in our recorder are low again and I figured you could do without another “Mickey Mouse” tape.  I could plug it in, but there are so many people in the hooch.  Like you said, it’s nice to be alone for taping, especially when it’s to your wife.  I’ll try to get that done in the next couple of days.  Most of what’s on your tape I’ll answer then.

We had to work today — just the team I’m on.  Didn’t really mind though.  We didn’t have all the NCOs running around giving us a hard time.  We get a lot of work done and enjoy it when they leave us alone.  We only worked until three o’clock, which wasn’t bad.

I was surprised that both you and mom mentioned getting that funny feeling about me that Sunday morning.  That would have been Sunday night over here, the night we were told we were going out to Currahee the next day.  No big deal then.  At first I thought that was the night we got hit so hard here, but that was a week later.

We moved into our new hangar last night and today.  It’s really nice, especially having so much room.  I guess our old tent hangar is going to be taken over by motor pool for their shop.

Tonight, for a change, I feel like taking in a movie.  So of course tonight there isn’t one.  I guess the projectionist got a hold of some skin flicks that he’s going to show though.  I don’t know how he managed that!  I think I’d best skip them — I’m horny enough the way it is.  Sure wish you could do something about that.  I have a feeling I’ll be in pretty bad shape when R&R rolls around.  You’ll fix me up in a hurry though, I’m sure.  Or else wear me out!

Really, honey, I do miss you and miss our love making an awful lot.  And even more so, I miss your little winks across the dinner table.  And our showers together.  And sitting around watching TV.  I’d give anything to have all that back again.  I know that when it is possible again it will mean all the more to us.

I love you Rita, with all my heart.

Your Love is My Life!


PS.  You’re jumping the gun again on that Sp5 bit.  I said I’m up for it.  It didn’t come through this month, and may not for two or three more — or tomorrow.  More in the tape.