June 26, 1969

Dear Rita,

Didn’t have a work formation tonight so it’s still early.  Maybe I’ll even take in the flick tonight if I finish this in time, although I should write the folks to before I do.  We’ll see.  I really don’t have much to say tonight — same old thing around here.  We work, eat, and sleep, and that’s all.  I guess the camp was mortared again last night, but not in our area so I slept through it.

I told you that I got a letter from Jeannie, didn’t I?  Last night I finally got a quick one off to her.  I think I’ll blow her mind with my P.S.  I asked her “Who is John Galt?”  Which is a question in “Atlas Shrugged.”  She told me about that book 3 years ago and told me to read it.  As soon as I get it back from Clay I’m going to send it to you.

Did you get that tape you promised me in the mail?  I can’t wait until I can hear your voice again.  Just remember that you’re not getting another one until I’ve got a tape to put it on.

Gene W.’s brother is here now.  He stationed about thirty miles north of here, right on the DMZ.  One of them can go home since two brothers can’t be here at the same time unless they want to.  Anyway, his brother is going back and Gene’s staying.  Gene has only six months left in the Army, and his brother has three years.  They figure this will keep his brother from pulling two full tours.

Right now I’m waiting for mail call, hoping to get a letter from you.  I don’t even have a letter to answer now, which makes it kind of hard.

How is your school coming?  I hope you’re finding time to get your studying done and are keeping your grades up.  I hope you are — it’s pretty important.

This is Friday now.  I’m going out on guard in a few minutes, so I’m going to get this sent now.  Sorry for the abrupt ending, but…

I love you honey.