June 4, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.

Dear Rita,

Okay, here’s that cheerful letter I promised you, and I am in a pretty good mood, so…

One reason I’m in a good mood is because today I worked on helicopters, after not being near one for three days.  That’s a big help.  Also, no one was bugging us for a change.  Real different.

This morning we did go out to the range and sighted in our weapons.  I found that I had a real fine one.  I’m going to send one of my targets to Bob and let him eat his heart out.  The rest of the time we shot the hell out of tin cans and anything we could find.  And we got our weapons back.  That makes me feel better (not that I think I’ll need it, just in case).

I got a tape from the folks last night.  After I wrote you I listened to it, about 11:30.  It was really good.  They started at April 15, and I guess they just left it out so whenever anyone had anything to say they just said it.  I really should write them tonight, but I doubt if I will.

Today is Dave’s birthday so we’re having kind of a party.  We just got back from the beer tent.  Everyone is sitting around singing new words to old songs.  I’m going to try taping some to send along in my next tape if I can.

Okay, back again.  I taped some of the songs and will send them in my next tape.  I hope to get it made tomorrow night.  I’ll sure try anyway.

I just got your letter tonight about the car insurance and all.  I’ll wait for the tape to say anything about that.  It’s much easier than trying to write but don’t let money bug you too much, hon.  Just do the best you can.

I’m going to close now and go to bed.  Wish it was with you, Reet.  I sure would go for that right now.  I love you, Rita, and I wish I could tell you that as we crawl into bed again.  Just remember that I’m saying that to you every night when I go to sleep.  I love you, forever.



So you know that audio tape that I “missed” and therefore stopped everything to go back and edit so I would have everything posted in order?  Yeah, it was a July 2nd tape, not a June 2nd.  A month away.  There is a June 7th coming up in a few days, but I essentially freaked out about nothing.

Did I mention I’m back in school?