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June 1, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.

Dear Rita,

Hi lover, how’s it going?  I’ll tell you know it’s going here — lousy.  My biggest problem is that I’m horny as hell, and I miss you something terrible.  Yes, I’d even go so far as to dig out a green towel if I had to.  You know, it really seems longer than four months that we’ve been married.  I guess I got used to the idea pretty quick.  One thing’s for sure, I’d never want it any other way.  I love you Rita.

I’m kinda glad your neighbor John is getting married.  If he weren’t, I think I’d be afraid of some competition.  No, not really — he sounds like a great guy.  I hope you and Sue do get along as well as you hope. I’m sure you will if she makes friends have as easily as you do.

I got a letter from mom yesterday as well as one from you.  She said dad really liked the sweater you gave him for his birthday.  It even sounded real nice from your description.

I imagine that since Bob is home now he’s busy trying to drink the town dry.  Back in my wilder days I might’ve helped him if I were home.  However, now I know that a nice, warm, cuddly wife beats the heck out of boozing it up all over town.  Instead you booze it up at home with her, right?  Right.

I finally got a letter off to my folks last night after I got off KP.  They probably gave up on me.  Today I managed to dash off a note to Jeannie A. since I couldn’t get a graduation card.  Now I should write the Larsen family and my aunt and uncle in Minneapolis (remember them?).  Don’t know when I’ll get that done.

Yes, I can imagine how excited Nancy is about now, and Bernie too for that matter.  I know how I’d feel in his place.  I would guess that she’s going with him to his next assignment, right?

You answered most of the questions I asked in your letter yesterday, except one.  What’s the bit with the poster?  Just explain what it says or shows and I’ll be happy.

At a gook shop over here they have some pictures on a felt cloth that are really outstanding.  I was tempted to send you a couple (orange of course).  They’d look great hanging someplace.  Only one problem.  They were mostly pictures of naked or semi-naked females.  There were in real good taste mind you and very beautifully done, but I couldn’t see them hanging in your room, or our living room later on.  I’ll try to find some more appropriate ones to send you.  (I might buy one for the hooch though, to hang beside your picture — how does that grab you?)

Which reminds me — when do I get that picture of you in your négligée?  I’m waiting for it very patiently.  But it would be nice to get it before my tour is over (hint!)

Oh yes, another thing.  Is Dale A. around yet?  When I was home he didn’t know how long they’d be there or if they would stay for awhile.  If he’s there are the still living out of Marks Trailer Park?  I’d like to drop him a line too sometime.

Is Bob N. racing again this year?  If so, how’s he doing?  Have you been going out there much?

You should be getting your check about now, and the bank should be getting theirs.  How much do we have in savings now, hon?  And have you had your teeth taken care of yet?  And don’t forget a picture of you and your new glasses as soon as you get them.

Must go to chow now.  I’ll write again as soon as possible.  I love you Rita — remember that.  Can’t wait to tell you and show you once again.

Your Love is My Life,


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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