April 29, 1969.  Da Nang, Vietnam.

Hi Beautiful!

Guess where I am now?  Back at Da Nang.  I really get around, don’t I?  I’m in the hospital down here — they still haven’t let me out.  They’ve been taking blood and x-rays and making all kinds of tests and can’t find anything wrong with me.  I don’t see why they don’t admit that I’m healthy and let me go.  One of the doctors here said he couldn’t understand why I was sent here in the first place, and neither do I.

I’m not griping though.  I like it here.  The hospital is right by the ocean, I have free run of the hospital and there are lots of good looking nurses running around.  The chow is good and it’s great to sleep on a real mattress.  They have a nice PX here too, but I don’t have any money along.  And if I don’t get back tomorrow I’ll miss payday.  War is hell.

I got your tape the other day — Sunday I guess it was.  Dave D., Gene W. and Greg T. came to the hospital and brought the recorder along so I could play it.  It was really great Reet!  I hope you’ll start sending them as fast as you can turn them out.  I also got one from the folks.  They really made my day for me.

You asked about my getting shipped out of the unit.  Well I’m not going to this month anyway.  But a good number of my friends are going.  Clay is as I’ve already told you, and so is Kim and Rich S.  Kim is the one that really hurts the worst, since he was in our hooch and we got along so well.  That place will really be dull without him.  They’ll probably be gone by the time I get back to the unit.  Kim came to the hospital the other day to say goodbye in case this happened.

I’m glad to hear you’re looking for a job, and pretty hard it sounds like.  I hope you find a good one.

Honey, about not going to summer school this summer — I’m against it all the way.  I want you to go.  Remember, that was one of the conditions of going back to North Carolina with me.  I figured something would come up like this, but you assured me over and over that you would be back in school this summer.  I will be very disappointed if you’re not.  I know it would help Steve and Gail but I’m sure they can make other arrangements.  Please go back Rita.

It’s time for me to hit the sack.  This lying around all day really gets me down.  I’ll write again real soon.

I love you Rita.  I sure wish when I went to bed at night it was with you in my arms.  I’ll dream about it anyway, like I always do —

All My Love,