April 10, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam


Dearest Rita,

I just remembered that I forgot to send you one of that deck of cards last weekend, so I’m sending to along with this letter — if I don’t forget when I go to mail it.

Really not much going on around here lately. Changed a rotor blade on the ship yesterday, and that’s the extent of the maintenance I’ve done since we got here other than putting them together at Da Nang. Should really get going on it before too long though.

Kim came down to the motor pool last night while I was on guard there. Remember I told you his fiancée was PG?* Well he talked to the chaplain who said he would arrange a leave for him if he wanted to get married in Hawaii. Kim was all for that and wrote and told her so. Then yesterday he got a letter from her saying she was getting the abortion yesterday. She didn’t have time to get his letter. Now he’s worried about her, both for her physical safety and also how it will affect her mentally. He’s afraid she’ll blame him, or that it will affect their relationship later. It’s really getting him down, and it’s pretty bad when anything can get Kim down. And believe me, it’s getting everyone else down too.

I’m looking forward to getting a picture of you in your négligée. And now that you’ve mentioned it you have to be sure and do it. Send any picture you take of yourself — I never have enough. Sure wish I had you right here with me instead of just pictures. No, I take that back — I wish I was there with you. Then we could say to hell with the négligée, right?

Mail call in a few minutes. Sure hope there is a letter from my wife! I’ll mail this at the same time. I love you Rita, with all my heart!

Your Hubby,



Quick note on the “deck of cards.” Dad started with a full deck and sent one to mom every week, starting with the twos, then the threes, and so on, with the idea being that he’s going to bring home the ace of spades himself.  It was a popular way that GI’s counted down to their coming home with their loved ones.