April 5, 1969.  Camp Evans, Vietnam.

Dear Rita,

I find I have a few minutes before formation this morning, so I figured I’d start a letter at least.

I slept through a mortar attack last night.  Didn’t hear a thing.  In fact all the guys in my hooch slept through it.  Most of the rest of the unit was hiding in bunkers for a couple hours.

It also rained all night, and it’s cold now.  Rain was blowing in through the screen and got everything went.  Even the stuff that didn’t get rained on is damp.  All in all it’s miserable.

It’s noon now.  Really didn’t work too hard this morning for a change, but sure got wet.  And muddy.  Probably get a good cold now.  I’ve got perimeter guard tonight which should help it along.  I’m not looking forward to that at all.

Oh yeah, Clay said to say hi for him next time I wrote you, so — Hi!

Did I tell you our unit has it least two confirmed kills already?  Maybe more, but we won’t know for sure until the grunts get a body count.  Could be as high as a dozen or more.  Not bad for the first couple days.

This is Easter Sunday now.  I went to church this morning and took communion.  It’s the first time since we went together in North Carolina and I was surprised how much I missed it.  Sure wish it could have been with you though.

Since I had guard last night I wasn’t around for mail call yesterday afternoon.  But Kim picked it up for me so this morning there was a letter from my wife waiting for me.  Couldn’t have a better Easter present (I didn’t find any Easter eggs around here though).

I was surprised you hadn’t received any mail from yet.  Hope it starts coming through okay, especially the tapes.

What do I think about you going to New York?  Well — I’m a little undecided right now.  It seems to me it would be much more expensive in the long run.  Besides, I like to think of my wife safe at home, not running all over the country.  Of course you really haven’t told me that much about it.  I couldn’t really tell if you are seriously considering or not.

Kim P. is all in a sweat about a telegram from his fiancée.  All it said was she needed $800-$1000 dollars right away.  He doesn’t know what for or anything.  Since it was possible she was PG when we left and he hasn’t heard for sure one way or the other yet, he’s dreaming up all kinds of stuff to worry about.  And I can see his point.  Hope I never get anything like that from you!

Must go eat chow now and go back to work.  I’ll write again soon.  Say “hi” to your folks for me, and tell your mom we don’t have wooden nickels over here, just paper ones.

All My Love,