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March 25, 1969.  Camp Evens, Vietnam.

Dear Rita,

This is the first chance I’ve had to write, and would you believe it’s by cigarette lighter light?  It’s the only light I’ve got, except during the day when we’re too busy.

We got to Nam Sunday night around 11:00.  Spent that night sleeping on the cement apron by the runways.  We get hit by rockets and mortars about 5:30 the next morning.  I found out I can wake up and find a bunker real fast like though.

We got to Evans Monday afternoon.  I wish I could send some pictures.  It’s a fair sized place, but looks like hell.  Nothing but red dirt and sand bags.  Last night (this is Wednesday now) I got a shower for the first time since I left.  Felt dirty again right away though.  It’s not really so hot here, just real muggy.  Summers coming though and I can imagine what that will be like.

This is Wednesday noon now.  We were making bunkers and filling sandbags all morning again and will this afternoon too.  I’m sick of it.  Have to start again now so I’ll try finish this tonight.

Back again, but not for long.  Looks like I’ll be going to Da Nang for a couple of days starting today.  So I’m just going to send it like it is.  At least you’ll know I made it.  I’ll write again as soon as I can, and tell the folks the same, will you?  I love you Rita, and wish we could be together again.  I’ve had enough of Nam, I just want my wife now.

All my love,


Quick synopsis as to what happened between the wedding and now:

1. Honeymoon

2. Mom went to Fort Eustis for 7 weeks with dad.

3. Dad went to Vietnam and mom went back to South Dakota

Also, check out the Evans link.  Interesting look from someone else who was stationed there.


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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