January 8, 1969.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Hi Honey –

This will probably be short and sweet since I’m writing it during our supper break.  We have to work nights and weekends now, and it’s next to impossible to find time to write.  I hope we get caught up so it’s not like this next week too.  Eat, sleep, and work all the time gets kind of tiresome.

Not too long now, Reet.  Ten days and I’ll be home with you!  The days seem to go slower and slower though.  And when I do get there I know they’ll go too fast.  That’s always the way.

It’s a good thing I talked to the CO about my leave, because now is when the work really begins.  The first sergeant said no leaves until February, and our platoon sergeant is trying to stop mine.  But if anything happens I’ll talk to the major again and he’s the one with the final say – and he already said yes.

This is Thursday now.  I had meant to finish this last night, but was too damn tired when I got off work and went straight to bed.  Maybe I can get it done today.

We got a new sergeant in Monday.  He is one we had at Eustace and already everyone hates his guts.  Last night he woke up his platoon at midnight and made them do two hours of PT.  He was so drunk he couldn’t walk straight.  Those guys are going to get the inspector general and get him hung if they can.  He’s been here a whole three days.

I’m going to mail this like it is so you’ll get at least one letter from me this week.  As soon as I have time I’ll write a real long one, okay?

I love you,


These are the last words dad will write from boot camp.  In the coming weeks Jeff & Rita will be married and next time you read a letter from him it will be written from Vietnam.  Before that though I’ll be putting up some different posts about the wedding, some audio, some pictures, and some personal notes.

Vietnam here we come.