December 19, 1968.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Hi Honey,

Say, it doesn’t sound like that’s any kind of weather to come home to.  I’m not used to that anymore.  Maybe I’d best stay away — it’s too cold for me.  Of course, if you promised to keep me warm I might be tempted.  Promise?

Seriously, I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like.  But horses couldn’t keep me away.  I will be home the 18th.  I’m going to fly to Kansas City the day before.  Bob starts his leave the 18th so we’ll drive up.  It’ll be a little cheaper, and I do want to see what kind of a set up Bob has.  You never know, I may decide to stay a bachelor.  But I kind of doubt it.

If you did order the invitations like you said you were going to, I hope you ordered SP4 on them.  It may be that I won’t get five before I come home.  I’ve heard a rumor they won’t be given out until just before we ship out.  Can’t tell about the Army.

Most of the guys around here are getting ready to go on Christmas leave.  Less than a third of our unit will be here over the holidays.  Gonna be kind of deserted.  Sure wish I could be there with you.

This is Saturday now.  I was right, it’s pretty deserted.  Most of my closest friends are gone now.  Several I won’t see until I get to Nam.  Bill L. is the only one left, and he’s leaving Christmas day.  Say, I want you to send a wedding invitation to Clayton, [at this address].  That’s actually his fiancée’s address, but he’ll be there more than at home.  He lives in Covina.  Also send one to Kim P. and Bill L., both SP4 at my address.  They said they will be very hurt if they don’t get one.

I got a letter from you saying you did order SP5 on the invitations.  I guess I warned you too late.  Sure hope the orders come through before then.  I’d hate to have everyone think I was busted.

You don’t know this yet, but I’m going to call you tonight.  I just decided.  You lucky girl you.  I hope we’ve got money to cover it.

Say, you’d best get busy and study.  Sure, the wedding and work are important, but so are your grades.  And it’s not as easy to slide by like it was in high school.

What was I going to get you that you’d kill me for?  Well, I was looking at watches, but the good watches cost at least $55, and I didn’t want a cheap one.  But if I had spent that much I figured you’d be kinda pissed, cause we can’t afford it.  Sure wish I could though.

I’ve been going to ask about your period and our wedding date.  Thank goodness it’s before the wedding and we won’t have to worry about it again after that while I’m home.  I guess it wouldn’t be too serious if we couldn’t make love before that.  After all, the wedding night it supposed to be the first.  After this long it will seem like it!  I love you Reet!

Back again.  This is Sunday night now.  I’m on guard duty.  Pull it from 8-12 & 4-6.  All it amounts to is sitting around in a tent keeping awake, unless an officer comes around.  Then you have to try to look like you’ve been out guarding the place.  I might have trouble doing that if I’m caught writing, but what the heck.

It sure was good to talk to you last night.  It really made my day.  And I will call you Christmas Eve if I get a chance.  But you won’t get this letter until after the call anyway, I guess.

The few of us here really got in the Christmas spirit tonight.  We went to another units area and chopped down a pine tree to decorate in the barracks.  We also cut several branches off a holly bush for wreaths.  Things were really getting to be Christmasy when I had to leave for guard duty.  Most of the decorations are made out of beer cans, but they’re pretty fancy.

You said you’re going to have to take out a loan for your dress — $150, right?  Well, when I get home I’m going to have to borrow around $200 probably, so I’m going to do is this — I’ll go to the same place you did and borrow it, and have both loans consolidated into one.  That way we’d only have to be paying on one instead of two separate loans.  We shouldn’t have any sweat on paying it off, although I hate to borrow in the first place.

Got to close now and check the motor pool.  So long for now.  I love you!



[PS.] 27 DAYS!