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December 8, 1968.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Dearest Reet,

I’m working right now, believe it or not.  Only we don’t have anything to do, so we’re sitting around.  There’s only about 30 guys from our battery here — everyone else is out in the field, and it’s snowing and cold.  All our officers and the first Sergeant are out too.  Our platoon sergeant is in charge, so he gave half of us yesterday off and half today.  He just wants to make sure the CO doesn’t find out.  Then he’d be up a creek.

Since I was off yesterday I went to town shopping.  Got most of it out of the way, but I may have a tough time getting to the post office to mail them.  I still haven’t bought yours yet — can’t find anything around this hole I’d like to give you.  But I’ll keep trying.

The folks called last night to find out who I wanted added to the guest list.  I gave them all I could think of off hand, but may want to add a few later on.  I think it pretty well covered it though.  When I mentioned Jeannie, mom said she had thought of her but wondered how you’d like it.  I told her it would be fine with you so she put her on the list.  It is okay, isn’t it Reet?  I hadn’t really thought about it.

They also said you’ve been pretty busy what with school, work, and planning for the wedding.  And a bad tooth on top of it.  They said they had talked to you a couple days ago (Friday I think), but didn’t get to say anymore because Brenda wanted to talk, and never got back to it.

How is your tooth?  Hope it’s all taken care of by the time you get this.

I’m sending you some pictures I took a couple weeks ago.  Most of them won’t mean much to you but I thought I’d send them anyway.  I sold a camera took them with, but I hope I can get another one so I can take some pictures when I get to Nam.  I wish I had it to take pictures with while I’m home, but I needed money for Christmas gifts.  I’ll borrow dad’s for us to use on our honeymoon.

I guess I spoke too soon about doing nothing.  This is Monday night now and I haven’t had time to write or even think about it.  So I’m going to get this off now.  Write again as soon as I can Reet.

I love you!



Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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