October 13, 1968.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Hi Darling,

Say, you’d best not be mad at me, because I did too tell you about clerking at the strip.  I remember very distinctly.  If you look through the letters I sent you, you’ll find it.  I’ll bet you just forgot — or didn’t get that letter.  But I’m sure you did.

Anyway, I am.  Working as a PLL man (tech supply) at the strip, that is.  I work for a warrant officer Bisson, and he’s a real cool dude.  I enjoy it.  I’ll probably work there until the first part of November, when we’re supposed to get some trained men in.  I just play it by ear now.  About one more hour and I’m going to call you.  Can’t wait!  It’s been a long time, Rita.

Lee B. called me Friday night, but I was in town to a drive-in.  So he called back Saturday morning and I thumbed up there.  Went to Greensboro and just goofed around.  Had a good time but I kind of cramped Lee style I think.  He’s after broads and I’m not.  But I know he’s not half as horny as I am.  Sure wish I could have you here or be there.  I really miss you, Hon.

Next Friday I’m going up to Chapel Hill again.  The Letterman are giving a concert up there.  I just hope that I don’t have duty next weekend, because I’d sure like to see them.  The problem will be getting up there in time for an 8:00 concert.  Also I have to find someone I can borrow a sports coat from.  I can see now I should’ve brought mine — they believe in dressing up for everything up there.

Cherish” just came on.  I’m glad I don’t feel like that song says anymore.

I’m going to call you now and finish this later.

Well, I called — and it sure was great to hear your voice.  But we must have talked to heck of a lot longer than I thought.  The bill will be around 10 bucks.  Ouch!  Guess I’ll have to wait till payday to send that Hon.  It was worth every cent though.

It’s late and I have to go around waking KP’s at 3:00, so I’m going to sack out on a cot (I’m on CQ duty).  I’ll finish this tomorrow.  Goodnight Rita.  I love you.

Tuesday night — sorry I took so long to get back to your letter.  Lee was here to pick up his car last night (I drove it back here Sunday morning).  But tonight I will finish it — that’s a promise.

Yesterday I got three letters from you.  I like that!

So you like that picture, huh?  Well, I could probably send you some better ones, but it’s against the law.

No, Clay isn’t little, and I did take it from up top.  He’s about my size and build.  That’s not saying he’s big, but I hope you’d say he’s not a “little guy.”

No, I never do dream about our wedding — just about you.  And I do that an awful lot.  I think about it once in awhile, but most the time I’d think about afterwards, when we’ve got the rest of our lives to plan.  I’ll concentrate on that and leave the wedding up to you, okay?

Bill L.’s (a friend from Nebraska) fiancé is supposed come out here this weekend with some friends.  Wish I was in his shoes.  I’d give anything to have you out here for a while.  Or even forever.

I’m sitting here now as lonesome as hell.  I been playing Simon & Garfunkel and The Lettermen on the record player.  That, added to some rum and coke, has really put me in a mood.  See what you do to me?  I don’t mind though.  I always feel this way when I’m not near you.  I guess it’s because I love you Rita.

Rita, you wouldn’t believe how much I miss you.  I miss being with you and holding you in my arms.  I want to kiss you again.  I want to hold your hand and feel my ring on your finger.  I want to lay beside you after making love and talk.  I want people to see us together again, and ride around town with you close beside me.  When I think of all the things we have to remember and to look forward to, it’s no wonder our love is as strong as it is.  I love you Reet, with all my heart.



PS.  I’m setting a picture of that sketch you wanted to see.  I’m sorry it’s not too good.

Now, I may just have a bad memory, but I sure don’t remember him mentioning being the PLL man in any of his letters, and I somehow doubt that mom managed to keep 300 of his letters and just happened to lose the one he’s referring to.  Nice try dad.  Maybe he told her in a phone call?  Maybe?

And I’m not sure what the sketch is.  There’s nothing in the pictures and no one has mentioned one.  If it’s anything like his last one I’d love to see it.