September 26, 1968.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Hi Beautiful!

This is going to be very very short I’m afraid.  I’m about ready to drop in my tracks.  I meant to write you Tuesday but had to go back to the airstrip and work.  Last night I worked out there until 10:30.  It gets to be a long day, especially when you get up at five every morning.

I finally got a letter from you today.  More precisely, I got four letters in one.  I hope from now on things will be better as far as that address bit is concerned.

I’d try to answer all four letters tonight if I could, but I’m afraid I couldn’t stay awake long enough.  I’ll try to get off a nice long letter this weekend if I can, but I have to work Saturday, and Sunday.  I’ve got KP.  Do my best though.

We’re getting paid Monday, so I’m going to send you fifty bucks.  I want you to take $20 down to Wink’s and save the rest for me.  That way I won’t spend it, and if I ever need it you can send it to me.  I’m also going to send the Red Cross twenty and the folks twenty they let me.  As soon as I get all that taken care of I can send you that much more each month.  Then maybe we can really start to save for the future.

It seems to me I had something important to tell you, but I can’t recall now.  Maybe it was that I love you.  That’s very important.  And you’re the most important thing in the world to me.  I love you, Rita.  I love you!