August 27, 1968.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Dear Rita,

Just got your letter today and boy was I glad to see it!  You don’t know what it’s like when I don’t hear from you in over two weeks.  I sure think of you enough though.  I have your senior picture sitting on top of my locker so it’s practically the first thing I see each morning and the last each night.  I can’t think of anything better.  Oh yes I can, but that ain’t possible while I’m clear out here.

I’m sorry to hear that your little “friend” was so hard on you, but I didn’t think it would be quite that bad.  I guess next time we’ll have to lay off that stuff, huh?  I mean we can always try — naw, we’d never do it.

I’m going to have to finish this tomorrow honey.  It’s time I hit the sack now.  But I’ll be thinking of you, as usual.

Goodnight, Reet.

All my love,


Hi Beautiful!

Back again — it’s Wednesday evening now.  I got off work, ate chow, then straight back here to write my honey.  And I promise I’ll finish it tonight to.

I’m glad you’re so excited about college.  I knew you were when I was home, and I can imagine it now.  And a little scared too, I’ll bet.  I remember I was.  I just hope you work a little harder and do better than I did.  It’s really not hard if you don’t slough off like I did.

You know something though?  Now that college is about ready to start, I’m almost sorry you’ve got my ring.  Because of it you may miss out on a lot up there.  Seems almost like I’m being selfish about it, to tie you down.  And now since it’s going to be longer than we expected before I get back from Nam, we could have waited a while.  I’m glad we didn’t, but for your sake, I wish we had.

Speaking of waiting so long to go to Nam — if I would have known about this before my leave, we could actually have gotten married while I was home.  I’m sure you would have liked it out here, and I sure as hell would like to have you here with me.  It may not actually have been too good an idea in the long run, but I sure would have tried talking you into it.  I love you Rita, and I’m just waiting for the day when we can get married.  Oh well — there’s really no sense in talking about that for quite awhile, is there?  Damn!

Can’t remember if I told you or not, but I’m going to Lejeune this Friday night, then Bob and I are going to try to get to Atlantic Beach.  We don’t have to be back until Tuesday morning at 6:15, so we’ll have a long weekend.

Also, we get paid Friday, so I won’t be broke this weekend.  I’ll send you some money to put on the ring too, and I’ve got to send some to that Red Cross gal if I can find her address.  I may send some extra along for you to keep for me.  I’ll be needing some extra on hand around Christmas and if I get a leave.  I’d keep it here if I thought I’d leave it alone, but the temptation might be too great.  We’ll see at any rate.

There are a few guys from our unit who are going to Corpus Christi, Texas for the weekend to pick up some Hueys.  Clay is one of them.  They’re taking an army plane down tomorrow, then flying the helicopters back.  Several more trips are going to be made in the next couple of weeks, and I’m going to try my darndest to get on one.  I doubt if I’ll make it though, because all of us working in S-4 get screwed all the time.  They won’t let us do anything else.

Say — don’t send any more letters to that address I gave you — we’re moving Tuesday.  I’ll send you that address as soon as I find out what it is.  We’re moving closer to the airfield, but into some old rundown barracks (like I’m used to) instead of the big new ones like we’re in now.  I have a feeling we’ll freeze our butts off this winter.  And it’s clear way from the main post, out at the edge of things.  I don’t think I’m going to like that.

Got to go now hon.  I have to go out and buy a stamp yet tonight so I can mail this in the morning.  No mailboxes on post, just the company mailrooms.

Honey, I love you.  I always want to say more than that, but there’s nothing more to say.  I love you.



Here’s mom’s senior photo (we’ll see it again in the future).  The necklace she’s wearing is Black Hills Gold and was given to her by dad.  Also, I have no idea who the “Red Cross gal” is.

Moms senior picture

Mom's senior picture