August 18, 1968.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Hi Beautiful!

Got a lot to tell you so hold on to your hat.  First, I saw Bob this weekend.  Saturday noon at chow I decided I didn’t want to stay here all weekend, so I talked a guy named Jerry into hitchhiking to Lejeune with me.  We had real good luck in made it there in 2 1/2 hours, and that’s 120 miles.  Pretty good for thumbing.

We talked to the MP sergeant at the gate, and he spent an hour and a half calling all over the place trying to locate Bob.  No luck.  Even the post locator didn’t know where he was.  So we went looking for him ourselves.  By pure luck we ran into a couple guys who lived in his barracks.  Bob had gone to the beach, so we spent the night bar hopping with one of the dudes.  We went back about 11:30 and Bob I just got back, so we sat around bullshitting for a couple hours, then sacked out in some empty bunks.  We spent most of today at their service club, ate chow in their mess hall and the works.  We finally headed back about 4:30.

On the way back we got picked up by a guy who gave us a ride right to the fort.  We got along real good, and found out he goes down to Jacksonville (right by Lejeune) every couple of weeks.  We made arrangements to get a ride there over Labor Day weekend.  He also invited us to spend a weekend at his place.  We could have a good deal — a car and a guy who knows his way around.  He said he’d even come and pick us up.

Next week Bob’s coming to Bragg, so I’ve got to write him and make arrangements to meet him.  That’s pretty hard to do when we probably won’t be in the same barracks then, and directions are difficult because I don’t know the area very well myself yet.  And Bragg is a mighty big place.

Enough of that.  Sorry I haven’t been able to write during the week.  I’ve been working out at the airfield, which means I catch a bus out there at 6:15 every morning.  We’ve been hauling supplies out for our new unit, but I still don’t know our unit designation.  Some guys have been working on the Hueys, and a couple have been up on test flights.  But all I’ve done is haul rifles and machine guns all over.  Pisses me off!

Honey, from all I found out so far, we definitely will not be going over before late February or March.  That means it will be that much longer before I’ll get back and we’ll be able to get married.  When I think of it, it seems like such a long time.  That means that a year from now I’ll still have six months left in Nam.  The Army really knows how to screw a guy up.  A year seemed too long, but now it seems like forever, and I just don’t want to wait that long.  But now you can guess how hard it’s going to be for us to plan a wedding when the time comes.

But, there’s a few bright spots to — very few though.  This way you can get in two full years of college if you want to, and I know you do.  And, I’ll get another leave before going over, possibly a full 30 days around Christmas.  I’d love to be home then.  Finally, if I decide to extend over there for six months I could get out as soon as I get home on that early out deal.  But I really doubt if I’ll extend.  I’d rather get married six months earlier and have a year left.  I could stand any kind of bullshit if you were with me.

Running out of paper, hon.  I love you, and miss not hearing from you.  But I finally got an address, so I’ll put it on the back, okay?

All my love,


Another bonus picture.  This one is dad back at Eustis.  I wanted to post it earlier, but there wasn’t a decent tiein letter.  This one talks about him hauling around “rifles and machine guns,” so I’m using that as a sign I should get it posted.

Dad (on the left) carrying a machine gun

Dad (on the left) carrying a machine gun

The back

The back