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August 9, 1968.  Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Hi Beautiful!

Boy was it good to talk to you to the other night!  I still can’t believe we talked as long as we did.  It didn’t seem like more than a couple minutes to me.  But then you always did make me forget about time.  But now I owe your folks three dollars for the extra charge.  Don’t you dare forget to pay them when I send you more money (changed my mind and decided to send it now).

You wouldn’t believe what a great time we had this weekend doing nothing really.  After talking to you, we picked up a six and went for a ride in the country.  It was just like Bob and I used to do at home a lot.  We talked about a lot of things, and a lot about you and Ruth.  And Chapel Hill is a college town a lot like Brookings in a lot of ways.  We felt right at home and really enjoyed ourselves.  I’m almost glad we missed Lee, although it would have been nice to see him.  Plenty of time for that, for me at least.

I didn’t get my mail again today, so I went down to Headquarters Co., clear across post.  The mailroom there opens at five and is supposed to stay open until 5:30.  I got there at 5:10 and they had already closed.  I was damn near ready to kick the door down.  It’s hard telling when I’ll be able to get up there again.  Maybe when mail with my new address starts coming in they’ll figure out where I am and I’ll get the rest too.

I guess that by the time you get this you’ll be pretty busy with freshman week, right?  I sure envy you.  When I think of all the things we could be doing together up there this year it makes me sick.  But if I were there I probably wouldn’t appreciate it the way I should anyway — I never do, it seems.  But at least I’d be with you, which is really the only reason I’d want to be there anyway.

This is the last of my papers so I’ll have to stop now.  I’ll get more and write again real soon, okay?  Remember, I love you Rita, and always will.

All my love,


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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