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June 14, 1968.  Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia.

Hi Honey-

Just got a letter from you today saying you’ve been at work, but you never had said how you like it.  Besides mentioning all the guys that is.  So tell me about it, okay?  Does Nancy still work there?  If so tell her hi for me, and to Sturdivant too.

You asked about our work details on weekends.  Well, I’ve bitched about it and threatened to go to the IG, and so this weekend we are free!  We don’t really know yet what we’re going to do with all that time, but we’ll find something.

You asked about my hair – well, it’s long enough to part, but I can’t really say I can comb it yet.  Won’t be much longer though.

Okay, now it’s Saturday.  We had an inspection this morning, but we’re off for the weekend now.  We’re waiting for some guys to sign out on pass.  About 20 of us are going to try to get to Virginia Beach in two cars.  Should be interesting.  The line for passes is so long we may be here all weekend though.

I had a picture taken today which I’ll send along.  I’m still waiting for some from you (hint, hint).

You asked whether Pfc. was.  It means Private First Class, and about $30 a month more.  Still haven’t heard any more about it though.

Got to get ready to go hon.  I’ll write more later.

Love ya,


Sunday night now.  Spent the whole weekend at Virginia Beach.  Clay and Mike, a couple buddies of mine, and I met some guys and sweet talked them into letting us share their hotel room – for free.  We had to sack out on the floor, but that’s no big deal. Last night we proceeded to get bombed out of our minds.  Mike passed out before 12:30.  Clay and I and a bunch of other guys we met were good until about 4:00, and that was it.  Really had fun, but felt out of it this morning for a while.

All day today (since I woke up at 11:00) I lay about on the beach.  Right now I’ve got one of the best tans I’ve had in years.  You’re really going to have to work to beat me now!  A lot of guys have some awful painful sunburns though.

Honey, last night just before we went to bed, Clay and I took a long walk along the beach.  It was just beautiful!  When we saw a couple walking along there I got so lonesome for you.  I’d give anything to have you with me.  Clay felt the same way, I know.  He’s getting engaged when we get out of here.  We talked about a lot of things, mostly connected with you or his girl.  We were half drunk yet, but it was really nice.  Only trouble was that it got us into too serious a mood.  So we went back and went to bed.

Honey, I’ve got to shower now and hit the sack.  But before I do I want to say again, “I love you.” And I do so much Rita.  It’s hard being away from you, but my love grows every day, and one day it will all be worth it.  One very special day, right?  And I pray that day will come quickly.  I love you.



Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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