May 11, 1968.  Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia

Dear Rita,

I’ve been waiting all afternoon, and I thought I’d never get all the others out of the way so I could concentrate on the one I love – you!

Yesterday I got three letters from you – wow! Pretty good for one day, even if one was mailed while I was still in Lewis. And that one was almost a book, although you’d really have to work to beat the 22 pages you sent me before.

You don’t know how glad I am that your little friend arrived. It really makes a person believe in the power of prayer, because I did plenty. And I still am – for us. And I know that everything will work out perfect because of it.

I suppose you’re really getting excited about graduation, huh? Sure wish I could be there for it. Sure wish I could be with you! That would be great. I’ve been looking around for a graduation gift for you, but haven’t found anything good enough for you yet. But I will.

Honey, I miss you. I think about you all the time, and I miss you but I’m not lonely – you know what I mean? I’m not sure I do, but that’s how I feel. Last night the moon was really full, and during our class breaks I’d go outside and just look at it. All I could think about was you and how much I love you. It seemed like you were so close then. It was wonderful.

Have you heard anything more about that job at Spies? If for any reason it doesn’t pan out, don’t forget that dad can probably help you out. The Spies job would be good for vacations and such (like maybe out here with my folks!), so I hope you get it if that’s what you want.

I was glad to hear you got that ACT deal taken care of. And get that college application in! Right? Right.

I guess I’m going to have to cut this short – it’s getting dark and for some reason, the lights in here don’t work. I’ll write you again as soon as possible. I love you honey. Always remember that. I love you very much.

Love forever –


If I had known dad was going to mention the “little friend” in this letter, I wouldn’t have spoiled the ending for you in the last post.

From mom regarding Spies: “Oh, Spies was a grocery store. We only had Spies and Red Owl back then. I don’t even remember applying for a job there. I must have made the same kind of impression on them as they did on me.”

Dad’s dad worked as the registrar at South Dakota State University back in the day.  I’m assuming that he would have some connections when it came to getting a college-aged girl a job, which I’m sure is why he mentioned it.