April 12, 1968.  Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia.

Hi Beautiful!

Got a few minutes free time finally so I’m going to make the very best I can with it and write to my love.  Okay?  Fine.

We had an IG inspection yesterday.  A two star general and about 20 other high-ranking officers were running all over.  It’s supposed to be a real big deal, and our company commander worked our asses off all week preparing for it.  Some nights we didn’t get to bed until after one and were up at three thirty.  We were so tired we couldn’t see straight.  I’m damn glad it’s over now, and we got a good night’s sleep last night.

Our platoon came out best in the company with only one gig.  All the other platoons got only two each, so the company as a whole came out with a superior rating.  The commander promised us if we did well we would get Saturday and Sunday off.  Now we’ll see if he keeps his word.  I sure hope so because we could sure use it.

I got a letter from you today — the one with the card you mailed before the Twirp.  It really screws me up sometimes reading about something that happened weeks ago.  Sure wish I knew what the deal is on the slow mail.

Honey, we have one week to go from today.  The closer it comes to more anxious I get to get the hell out of here and home to you.  I think about you more now than before, if that’s possible.  I want to see you so bad!!  I love you honey, very much.

You know something, R.?  I’ve got it all over these other guys as far as girls are concerned.  Most of them are worried about their girls cheating, and one guy got a “Dear John” last week.  I don’t worry at all.  I just know that we’ve got too much love between us to ever let anything come between us.  You don’t know how great it is to feel this way.  For two people to be able to believe in each other and their love is wonderful!  I love you honey, more than anything in the world, I love you!!

I’m going to call tomorrow night, and I sure hope you’ll be out there.  And I hope I get my orders by then so I can let you and the folks know what’s pulling off.  I’d like to know myself.  If I don’t get them tomorrow it should be the first part of next week, I hope.

We’ve got CQ duty tonight, so I’ll be up running around from 12:30 to 2:00.  I got to write the folks for sure, because it’s been a long time since my last letter.  I’d like to write Bob too, if I have time.  You’d better not send any letters to me after you get this one, or if you do, do it right away or I’ll be on my way home before I’d get it.  Okay?  Okay!

I got your tape — I think it was Tuesday — no, it was Monday.  Anyway, I didn’t even have a chance to play it until last night.  Sure was good to hear your voice again.  It’s almost like I’m just sitting around like we used to, talking.  They’re sure are a lot better than letters.  Just wish I had more time and more privacy to make tapes for you.  In AIT I should have much more time for that.  And believe me, I’ll use it.

I’m going to have to cut this short, honey, got a lot of things to do tonight.  But I’ll be home in a week, so until I can tell you myself, remember I love you.  I’m counting the hours till then.

Love you forever,


I have no idea what a Twirp is, but I swear that’s what he wrote.  I like to think it’s like a barn dance.   An IG inspection is an Inspector General inspection.  It’s a pretty big deal.

And I would be born almost exactly 10 years after this letter was written.  Yay me!

EDIT: For an explination of Twirp, see the comments section.