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March 21, 1968.  Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia

Dear R.,

My tape recorder got here today, so I haven’t got as much writing done tonight as I was planning.  I was too busy listening to your tape and one from mom and dad.  I’ll make one and send it to you as soon as possible.  It sure was good to hear your voice, and hope we can send many more before this is over.  There are lots of things I’d like to tell you, if I can only find the time.

I’m sorry about so few letters lately, but I haven’t even had time to think this week.  My folks must think I kicked the bucket since they haven’t got a letter from me in over a week.  Have to send them one as soon as possible too.

I wanted to call you Sunday, but I didn’t want to call collect.  Mom did say I could charge it to our number if I wanted, but I felt their phone bill will be large enough as it is, and I’m too broke to pay for it myself.  Payday is coming up before long though, so I’ll be making a nice long call to a certain little girl then.  Guess who that is?  I’m going to call Saturday night again, and hope mom will think to have you out.  I’d sure like to speak with you again.

We had two men in our platoon collapse yesterday today and had to be hauled off to the hospital.  Two others went on sick call and were sent to the hospital.  A couple that were in before came back, but it seems we always have three or four there.  Wonder when it’s my turn?

I’m on C.Q. duty now, going to be relieved in a few minutes.  It’s midnight now, and we get up at four tomorrow.  I’ve got a lot of stuff I should do tonight yet but I’m going to say the hell with it and go to bed.  This stuff is finally getting to me.

Say — it’s four weeks from tomorrow (Friday) when we graduate.  That doesn’t seem very long at all now.  The weeks go by pretty fast, except when I think about you.  Then time seems to drag on forever.  I want to see you so damn bad!  I’m glad we’re kept as busy as we are or I’d go nuts.  I love you, honey, I love you!

I got to go now.  More later.

Love you,


Back again — and still on C.Q.  My relief is a half-hour late right now.  Figure I may as well make the best of it and work on this letter, since this is the only time I have to write now.

Back again again… or something.  Right after I finished the paragraph above my relief came.  Now it’s Saturday night and I’m on C.Q. again.  Going to finish this tonight for sure.

I did get a tape made and just dropped it in the mail now.  It’s a full two-sided tape, although you may have a problem understanding some of it where my buddies got into the picture.  I had to censor some of it, so that’s what the blank spots are.  It wasn’t any problem at all to fill it.  Hope you like it as much as I liked to get yours.  That was great!

I called home tonight, and was hoping you’d be there, but no such luck.  Mom said they weren’t sure whether I was going to call or not.  I am planning to call next Saturday, so she’s going to see that you’re out there.  You’re going to see that you’re out there too, right?  I sure do want to talk to you again — real bad.  I miss you, honey, and I love you very much.

I’d best close this up now.  I don’t really want to but I’ve got things to do.  Remember that I’m always thinking about you, and I’ll always love you dearly.

So long, Beautiful!

Love forever,


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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