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The more I read about him the more I think my dad and I would have gotten along well as adult men.  His insubordination fits my own personal style pretty well.

Oh, and click the link to find out what an Army squad is.  I had no idea.

March 3, 1968.  Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia

Hi Beautiful!

I just remembered that Bob is supposed to go to the Marines tomorrow.  I was just getting ready to write him a letter when I remembered.  Knowing Bob though, I won’t believe he’s really in until I get to see him in uniform.  He’s probably changed his mind ten times in the last week.  I’ll bet he doesn’t go.  If he’s smart he won’t.

We had phone privileges again tonight.  I want to call you so damn bad, but I couldn’t be sure if you’d be home, and I can’t afford to talk to anyone but you.  I’m going to try to call again next Saturday night, so I’m going to write home and tell them to make sure you’re out there if you don’t have other plans.  I’ll try to call as early as possible, but I know it won’t be before 9:00.  Hope you can be there.

I stopped by the “C” Co. orderly room on the way back from church today, but the clerk wasn’t there.  I’ll have to go back there tomorrow.  Actually I’m considered AWOL when I’m out of company area, but I don’t care if I can get your letters.  The guys who were with me thought I was nuts.  We passed “C”‘s sign so I just walked in and cornered the drill sergeant, just like I owned the place.  Later when I thought about it I got kind of scared.  I could have gotten my ass kicked good for that.

Our platoon sergeant offered me a squad leader’s position today.  It was kind of funny the way it happened.  Early this afternoon we were told to fall out, so most of us did right away.  Some guys were sent back in on work details, while the rest of us double timed three laps around the parade grounds.  Since this was supposed to be our afternoon off, there was a lot of griping, because the real goof-offs didn’t run.  The drill sergeant overheard this, and no one would say anything to his face about it, so I did.  In fact I said a few things I wouldn’t normally say.  I guess this was my day for doing cockeyed things.

Immediately after going into the barracks, he sent for me.  I figured I’d really get a chewing out.  Instead, he shook my hand and said, “Congratulations, that took guts.”  My mouth dropped a foot.  Then he offered me a squad leader of the fourth squad.  I’m supposed to let him know tomorrow.

I don’t know if I’ll take it or not.  In many ways I’d like to, but I’d like to stay with my squad too.  They’re the guys I know best and am closest to.  The guy in the next bunk to me turned down squad leader of third squad to stay with us.  We’ve got the best squad in the bunch.  I just wonder if I could handle my own squad.  I’d like to try.

Almost time for lights out.  Gotta cut off now.  Hope you don’t mind it when I blow about this place.  When it’s all you live with it’s all you can write about.  It’s a twenty-four hour deal.

Time to go.  Good night, love.

Love you-


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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