So this is the last letter before he enlists.  I’ve written my mother for information to fill in as much of the blank left between this letter and the next, which is written in February, five months later.

Just so you know, the original title of this post was to be “Hey! There’s a fire across the street.” but I felt this one had a little more meaning.

Postmark September 8, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

5:00 Fri

Back again –

I’m home for supper now.  Didn’t even get in a demonstration this afternoon.  Spent all day going over a new financial form.  Wasn’t all that difficult but they made a big deal of it.

Heard from that IBM school yet?  Probably not or you would have told me.  Should be hearing from them pretty quick though shouldn’t you?

I’m home for supper like I said, but I’m not hungry.  I’ve been eating like a horse since we got back.  Three bytes from three different hamburgers and half a malt.  Not bad for four days.  I’m getting fat.

You remember those two pictures I brought back?  I’d forgotten how short your hair was on your birthday.  And that was only two months ago.  Seems like years.

Bob and I talk about going back home all the time now.  Hey!  There’s a fire across the street now — anyway, Bob just may tell them to shove it one of these days… and if he does, zoom – here we come!  The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned.

Hey, I never got my cigar from your brother.  Gonna have to get that one of these days before it gets stale.

One thing though.  I don’t really want to be there when Dale is.  I’d have to stay away for that weekend and it would be a lot worse being so close and not being able to see you.  Of course I could go out on the town.  Haven’t done that for a long time.  But I’d rather be with you.

That’s dangerous to say.  You could come to expect too much from me.  I hope that never happens though, because when people expect too much for me I have a bad habit of letting them down.  I hope I never let you down or hurt you in any way — I love you too much.  Maybe someday you’ll wish we had never met, but I hope not.  I want you to be mine R., for good.  Don’t ever forget that I love you.

Practically between every word I write I stop and think about you.  I keep that poem on my dresser and read it all the time.  “I will have all the things I want some day.”  R., you are everything I want.  You and your love.  No one could ask for more.  I love you honey.

Time to go to work — damn.  I’ll actually send this now.  Love you!

Take it easy —