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To preserve the authentic feel of the letters I’ve tried to leave in as much original content as possible while at the same time making some modifications in order to preserve my mother’s anonymity.  In this letter I had to remove the names of a couple towns.  You wouldn’t think they’d be a big deal,  but geographically they were too revealing.

Postmark September 8, 1967.  Denver, Colorado.

Wed 5:00


Hi Fuzz –

Please excuse this pen, but it’s the last one I have right now. No it’s not – I just found one that’s a little better.  Now maybe you can read this.

I just got two of your letters today.  One was mailed Monday, but the other was mailed last Friday.  Talk about slow!

Yes, I know how you feel.  I seem so lost without you around.  And I imagine it’s easier for me since I don’t have all the familiar things around.  But I still miss you so damn much!

I like it when you call it “our” bed.  Sure wish it was ours.  I just hope someday we can share one forever.  There’s not a thing I’d like better.  I love you R., and nothing is ever going to change that fact.

I’m getting back into the swing of things again.  Up until the minute I walked into the office yesterday I wasn’t sure I was going to stay.  In fact, I had planned on telling them I quit.  I’m glad now that I didn’t.  I enjoy this and am going to give it a try for a week at least.

If things work out – and I’m talking about a lot of “ifs” now – if things work out and I get to be a trainer in a couple of months, there is an outside possibility I could transfer to [a large city area about 4 hours from home] or even [a large town about an hour from home].  It’s a lot of maybe, but if I can swing it I sure will.  If I’m still with the company.

I’m home now for supper.  I went out this morning on an appointment, and I think I could have had a sale if I were a little more experienced.  But then that was actually my first demo, so I guess I couldn’t expect too much.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow.  I’m sure going to try.

My car made it in fine shape.  We had a little radiator trouble with Bob’s, but nothing serious.  Maybe I told you that in my last letter.  I made a better gas mileage than Bob though, which surprised both of us.  I’m not kicking though.

I’ve got to go now.  I’ll write some more before I send this, but I don’t know if I’ll get it done today or not.  I’ll sure be thinking of you though, and of how much I love you.  So long for now, honey.

Love you,


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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