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I’m thinking this font is going to have to change soon.  I’m wanting to say more about these letters but this format doesn’t lend it self to long and detailed writing.

Couple of things: 1) An IBM sales guy came around to moms house offering to train her on the new IBM computers.  She can’t remember if he was trying to sell one to their family or just offering her a job, but her folks put the kibosh on that.  Considering the size of IBM equipment circa 1967, I doubt it was for personal use.

2) D.S. is a service/gas station situated right next to the Dairy Queen mom worked at. He worked there before heading to Denver, but not at the same time as mom.

3) The “Bob” referred to (in regards to the D.S.) is not dad’s best friend, the Bob we’ve come to know and love in these letters.  He’s a different Bob who hires at the D.S.

4) Remember a couple of letters ago when dad was talking about how no one would believe what he was selling in his new job?  well, turns out he was selling Rainbow “cleaning systems,” a special type of vacuum that used water to deep clean as it sucked up dirt.  I guess he took one home to show his mom over Labor Day. No news on whether she bought one or not.

5)  I haven’t found the letter he references at the beginning here.  I believe he’s talking about the stream of consciousness letter he wrote some weeks ago.

Postmark September 5, 1967.  Denver, Colorado

Tues P.M.


Hi Honey –

I’m sending you that letter I wrote just before we came back.  I really should tear it up but maybe you’ll get a laugh out of it.

We didn’t get back until 3:30 this morning.  Stopped for an hour at my grandparents, and all our gas stops took twice as long.  We had just about had it when we pulled in.  I was ready to turn around and go right back home though.

I still feel like going back.  I hate Denver now!  If I didn’t feel I had to stick around because of Bob I’d be on my way.  He just may quit before too long and we’ll at least get closer to home.  I’m actually trying to talk him into it.  If not, I’ll stick around long enough so he can make it, then take off alone.

I didn’t go to work today.  I called and told them I just couldn’t make it, too damn tired.  So I’m going out at 6:00 instead of noon like I was supposed to.  Then I discovered I forgot my shoes at home, so I had to buy another pair this afternoon.  Ouch!

I just about quit my job today before I ever really started.  I didn’t want to chance not making it and losing money, or, if I made it, I’m not taking off and moving closer to home and to you.  Bob tried to talk me out of it but I’m still not sure.  Tonight when I go to work I may just walk in there and quit.  I don’t give a damn about anything anymore except being closer to you.  The way I feel now I the even work at the D.S. again.  This last weekend really made me love [my hometown].  I have a feeling I won’t be in Denver too much longer.

You know, I never had a job that I enjoyed as much as working at the D.S.  When I do come back I think I’ll try to get it back, if Bob will let me.  So often I wish I’d never left.  Let me know how schools going and how do you like the new building.  And tell me about that IBM deal as soon as you find out.  I hope it all works out the way you want it to.

Well, I’ve got to go if I’m going to get to work, which I’m not sure I’m going to.  Maybe I’ll head back tonight, I don’t know.  All I know is that I love you and I hate to be so far away.  Already it seems like months since I’ve seen you, and it’s only been since yesterday.  I love you honey, and think about you all the time.  So long for now, R.  Take it easy.

Love forever,


Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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