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4:00 pm  Tues

5 more days

Hi Beautiful!

Five more big days till I see you again.  Gee that seems like a long time!  Wish it were today, if not sooner.  I think I’ll kidnap you when I leave — better yet, let’s elope. Now that’s the best idea I’ve had in a long time.  Start packing, love, we’ll leave Monday morning.

Seriously, I really don’t see how I’ll be able to wait that long.  It’s getting worse instead of better the closer it gets.  I was in a bad way before, but now it’s ridiculous!

By the way, you’re invited out to our place for Sunday dinner.  I wrote mom and told her you were coming.  I should at least see them for dinner, but I won’t if you’re not there.  I’d rather see you than them any day (like all day and all night Sunday).  It’s gonna be a slow week till then.  Hey, isn’t your brother going to be home this Sunday?  I thought he probably would be, but from your last letter I take it he won’t.  Thought maybe I’d at least get a chance to say hi to him.

I just got home from work a while ago.  Actually I’m not working yet, just training.  May start Friday, but more than likely it will be Tuesday, after we get back.  I’ll work the rest of this week at the park though so I’ll have enough to carry me through.  I’ll probably still end up mooching off Bob some, but that won’t make me feel too bad.  He’s mooched off me enough.

Here’s something I’ve forgotten to tell you about before.  It was in our apartment when we moved in.  If you’ll bear with me I’ll try to draw it for you –

Bedroom Mood Meter

Bedroom Mood Meter (Click to enbiggen)

When we moved in both hands were at four, but I changed them to eight.  That’s where they’re staying too.

I’ve got to go now honey.  Lot of stuff to do.  Sorry my letters have been so short lately, but one of these days I’ll sit down and write one 10 pages long.  How’s that?  Well, that’s five pages front and back is what I meant.  OK?  OK!

I love you, honey, more than you know.  I just wish I could show you how much in some way.  I’ll try.  I love you.

So long for now.  Take it easy, hon.



Jeff and Rita on her 17th Birthday


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