Holy crap dad! Another job?

And I want to know SOOOO bad what stunt he pulled at ROTC back home. I’ll call mom and ask about it. Maybe have a special update. It’s just too good not to investigate.

Postmark August 29, 1967. Denver, Colorado.

1:00 Mon.

6 more days!

Greetings Fuzz-

Bob thinks I’m out of my tree — I didn’t go to work this morning.  I went job hunting instead.  Went to several places including Gates Rubber.  Couldn’t get on there because I’m too light.  Always knew I was under weight but I never felt as scrawny as when they told me that.  And I’ve lost weight since I’ve been out here — about 4 pounds.  Nothing serious.

As I was saying — I found a job with Rexco Industries.  Hope it’ll be a good one.  I’ll tell you about it over the weekend.  It would be impossible to tell you about it on paper — now think that one over for a while!

You know, I’m really getting to like Denver.  I think Bob is too.  Now that we can get where we want to go without getting lost it isn’t so bad.  I think working at the park makes a difference too.  I really enjoy it.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep working there now or not.

I got letter #21 today.  Yeah, I’ve got to have one of those pictures, but you may as well save it till I get home now.  By the time you get this you probably sent it already.  That’s the only trouble with writing as often as we do, our questions and answers get mixed up in between.  I could really care — if I could I’d write twice a day.

Now, to answer your letter.  Madsen’s are still here in Denver, at least he’s practicing here and they have a home here, so I doubt if he commutes from California.

IBM — I’m not counting on it, as I explained in my last letter (I think I did).  I think now I’d tell them to shove it if they did have an opening.

Labor Day weekend — yeah, you got it straight.  I guess I explained that in yesterday’s letter too, which you hadn’t gotten when you wrote the one I got today.  Sure wish it could be longer.  I thought I might stay an extra day but I won’t be able to now I guess.

Dates — No, I haven’t had one since I left.  I figured you’d realize that I’d tell you if I did.  You know that, don’t you?  I did take a girl home from the park the other night — Friday I guess.  I figured I’d tell you about it when I saw you, since it was only a week till then.  Her name was Barb Martini from Oregon.  She was here visiting her relatives.  I talked to her when she and a couple of her eight brothers and sisters rode the bumper cars.  After closing I saw her having trouble with one of the picture booths, so I took her to the office to get her money back and offered her a ride home.  We sat out front at her place for about 20 minutes until her brothers and sisters came home.  I was a good boy — all we did was talk.  I didn’t even try for a goodnight kiss, didn’t really care to.  It was good to talk to a female again though.  I just wish it had been you.

College — don’t know when I’ll go back, but it won’t be before next year anyway.  I’ll be eligible to go back next semester, but I don’t think I will.  Dad could have gotten me back in this semester if he had wanted, but I couldn’t see it.  Besides, I don’t like special favors just because the old man has pull up there.

Army — no, Bob isn’t going to enlist, at least not for a while.  He’s actually talking seriously about college next year.  If I don’t go back to school till then maybe I will have to go.  If I go back to school first, I’m still going to take advanced ROTC and go in afterward as an officer — that is if they’ll let me after that stunt I pulled last semester.

Teacher — I can’t wait to get back either.  But do you want to know something R.?  Your teacher has learned just as much as you have since we met, maybe more.  Thanks.  You have really taught me a lot, and I love you for it just like I love everything about you.  I love you!

I just went down to the basement to wash some clothes, but some plumbers were down there working.  Won’t be done for a couple of hours, so it looks like I won’t be getting it done today.  Got some ironing I should do.  Wish I could haul it all home and have mom do it, but that would be a dirty trick.  Now I can’t even take a bath like I was planning on.

I just read your letter again for about the 5th time.  I can’t even write — I just sit and think about you and things we’ve done and of this coming weekend.  I could spend all day dreaming like that.

Well Fuzz, that’s just about what I did.  It’s getting late now, so I’d best find something to eat then go after Robert.  So long for now.  Love you honey!

Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…