This is the second post of the day, so if you missed the today’s letter, scroll down to read.

I received this email from my lovely sister-in-law.  After today’s post she took it upon herself to actually go back and count up the jobs he has not only worked at, but also applied and interviewed for.  Something I’m sure I would never have done myself.  Enjoy.

From my sister-in-law (abridged) :

I only count 5 that he actually worked at up to this point if you include the one he just accepted – but many other interviews/offers are scattered between each one. (I’m sure there were plenty of other unmentioned interviews and inquiries).

7/23-8/5 – PF Colliers – Accepted – Encyclopedia salesman. Quit because it “wasn’t for me”
8/5ish – Sent applications to IBM and to another company (Neodata?) as well for data processing positions.
8/7 – Looked into at least two jobs, including a tire shop.
8/8 – Phillips 66 – Offered – Salesman position. Declined position in order to have Labor Day off to see R. Looking into bailing for a farmer.
8/11 – (Company similar to Colliers) – Interviewed – Another sales job. Walked out of interview because it was too much like Colliers.
8/11 – Received letters back from IBM and Neodata. IBM simply acknowledged receipt of his application. Neodata has nothing available.
8/12-8/17 – Service Station – Accepted – (unspecified position). Quit because he was offered a job at Montgomery Wards on 8/17.
8/17 – IBM sent a letter requesting an interview.
8/18 – Montgomery Wards – Offered – Flooring salesman. Hired but declined it – put it off in hopes of being hired by IBM. Considering applying for temporary construction work while he waits for the interview.
8/19-“now” – Lakeside Amusement Park – Accepted – Evening ride operator (bumper cars). (Still working there in most current letter.)
8/23 – IBM – Interviewed. Will be at least a week before hearing anything.
8/25-“now” – Manpower Inc. – Accepted – Temporary daytime work in addition to Lakeside. (Still working there in most current letter.)
8/28 – Another round of interviews, including Gates Rubber. Was turned away for being “too light”.
8/28 – Rexco Industries – Accepted – (Details pending.)

And tell me “Rexco Industries” doesn’t sound like a front for the mob or something.